Saturday, December 15, 2012

dc shelter

there is a space enclosed by bricks
called home, where i find shelter
there is a place in your arms...shelter
and there, in that labyrinth, behind my closed eyes
is a spot (sometimes well hidden)  it offers shelter

walls can collapse
arms may leave
i can even lose my sanity

but for now i'm fine
i am sheltered

please take a look at all these wonderful ladies' blogs
to find more images of shelter
enjoy the journey

looking forward to visiting you, thanks,

wishing you a lovely weekend


  1. Dear Renilde
    your words, I love them, wisdom... I´m happy for you!
    And I love to watch your collages, the way you express a story. The leaves remind me of Matisse.
    I would love to know the size.
    There is even shelter in our drawing challenges, thank you and all of you
    x Stefanie

    1. thanks Stefanie, this work is 30x40 cm, i always put size and technique under 'labels' x

  2. Renilde

    I really love the collage mixed with your artwork it really works for me. Your words are very wise there is shelter in this post.

    Enjoy the weekend

    Helen x

  3. Dear Renilde.
    Very wise words wherever is shelter..
    In these bad and sad times I hope that everybody has a spot to find shelter!!
    This piece of art is so beautiful...

    Monika xxx

  4. Just lovely - this collage! but your words really make it poignant and full. I've always enjoyed your ability to tell a story through words and visual- :)

  5. wonderful definition and such a beautiful illustration :)

  6. Wonderful work Renilde! I love both the words and the image. I loved this theme and so wanted to join in this week, but to busy making some Christmas gifts that must get done. I am off to see other interpretations of shelter. Thanks for hosting!

  7. Sensible words, beautifully illustrated by your artwork! So much hope and shelter in both!

  8. I have wandered in this shelter, I lie down, and I sob my heart out.

  9. me encanta el casi círculo en collage. en mi opinión el protagonista de la obra.

  10. thank you lala, renilde, for your sweet comment. i take a bow.

    before i set off again, underneath roaring (but dry!) london skies, i wanted to say hi to our drawing challenge hostess here, offering shelter for the weekend. i think i may have mused upon something like your delightful soft toned shelter, for absolute days now. your labyrinth... a perfect present allegory right now... for the nervous hustle of the city is murdering, and even though i feel so at home and at ease, i do seek for refuge from the crowds the whole day through. yes, the quiet london spots, lieus of peace and calm, find my preference in tinsel town. oh. the shelter....


  11. Very nice artwork!
    Thanks for sharing, Renilde.

    Have a nice Sunday****

  12. dear Renilde,

    I like your artwork
    but your words.... right into my heart
    yhank you for this beautiful theme!

    Patrice A.

  13. I think its in your heart, dear wise Renilde, that spot...
    Wonderful collage... love the labyrinth in the background.
    And the blue inside makes me thinking of the water in an amniotic sac in an uterus.
    Great theme, thank you for it!

    x Ariane.

  14. beautiful Ranilde! yes that spot .What would we do without it...

    (I love your new header with the blue birds!)

  15. Oh, how beautiful.. both the text and your picture

  16. Beautiful image, and your prose really captures the essence of the word shelter. Thank you for this challenge, Renilde. (I finally got my drawings up on my blog as well - sorry to be late)!. xxoo, sus

  17. Argh this rotten program didn't post my comment...
    O.k. here again... I really admire how you're able to express yourself with words and its corresponds so well with your collage - a perfect matching artwork - you should go for a book with those works!

  18. Interesting collage of mixed techniques! I like it. And Renilde, I will post my shelter during the week. It's been too much for me these last days. Sorry! I will do my best as I get home from work tomorrow evening! See you later. And I'm sorry. Again.


  19. my dear renilde, thank you so much for this touching theme!
    your words and your collage are beautiful and like a big gift!!
    love&big hugs, julia

  20. So mich careful handwork on your piece. I admire the bold and subtle choices you made, especially the soft grafic shapes around the womblike pod.
    Xo emily

  21. Thank you dear Renilde for this theme. I am in love with your collage and humbled by your words. Shelter is delicate, as are shoulders, and hearts. May yours be strong. xo Carole

  22. If only all in the world could have this warm, safe shelter. beautiful painting. strong in symbolism.
    the theme has been on my mind but nothing came out till today. thanks for visiting me!