Wednesday, December 19, 2012

stepping stones

my head is full of images and i have only two hands
and  there's the waiting (i'm still collaging in layers)
'till the glue  has dried
 i work on two pieces at the same time 
than i put them somewhere in sight
and see if my gut feelings(is this the right word?)  tell me they are finished...or not
 i feel like painting too

the sweet guests will arrive on friday, 
the house will be ready (just a bit magic sprinkling here and there) 
they are more then welcome
so are the lenghtening days


  1. What a charming pair, Renilde!
    I like to keep a couple of pieces going at the same time, too. Stuff's gotta dry!
    Happy day, sus

  2. and they have wings....

    lovely piece
    enjoy the sweet guests
    and yes!
    lenghtening days!!

    Patrice A.

  3. Renilde, sometimes I feel like you, is anxiety, for taking things from inside our head. and make them visible
    I like more and more how you're working

  4. wolves with wings, they can fly about the stepping stones! soooo wonderful, I love this painting very, very much!
    I wish you a great time with your guests! :-) mano

  5. I love this new piece, stepping stones. I believe it is finished but only you can really say. Put it away for a while and then see. I've made prints that I thought were done and then pulled them out years later and they become totally new creations. Your creature pair is delightful...

  6. these layers are lovely as are those winged beasts. the colors, my favorites.

  7. i like what's playing in your head!

  8. I love the painting! winged beasts deciding how to approach the next bit of life.... so many options including the chose to fly! Lovely indeed.