Friday, December 21, 2012


 radio softly playing and raindrops,
in a few hours this house will be filled with voices,
that's the best part,
forgetting cold and rain,
enjoying the lights and each other

me too, i have been painting an owl this morning, a winter owl,
(i see so many beautiful owls out there in blogland)
there are owls living in the neighbourhood,
i see them at night ,sitting in the car,
big impressive shadows, sailing on their wide wings,
they make me hold my breathe each time

wishing you a warm weekend


  1. Renilde, I like this owl!!!
    he also hold my breathe, but not because fear. took my breath because it is a very good job!!!!!!!
    I wish you a beautiful Christmas near your family and friends!!!!!!!!!

  2. what a gourgeous owl renilde ... have a wonderful christmas :)

  3. i love the owl painting, he looks a little like the way our cat looks up sometimes... but i like his wintry feel... the berries and the white...
    all of your images promise indeed the expectations of loved ones arriving.
    great stuff.

  4. You have posted wonderful pictures in waiting position..
    Even the frog! >>>
    Beautiful painting of an owl!!

    Merry Christmas, dear Renilde!!!

  5. THAT OWL!!!
    love all of it
    the blue
    the eyes
    the berries

    Patrice A.

  6. your winter offerings, the almost here holiday! splendid.

  7. "Oh, you elegant fowl..." as 'The Owl and the Pussycat' poem goes. Wonderful! xxoo, sus

  8. Beautiful pictures and a wonderful painting. Dear Renilde i was very silent the last few months but i haven't forgotten you. Hopping by to wish you a sparkling, warm Christmas and a very happy 2013 for you and your beloved ones. I hope to have more time for blogging next year.
    Sweet greetz and kisses dear friend.....

  9. Beautiful home... the waiting should be over, I hope you are enjoying all the wonderful moments.

  10. oh Iam in love with the owl Renilde he is so beautiful....have a wonderful christmas and I look forward to sharing blogs with you in the new year.

    Merry Christmas!

    Helen x

  11. i am in love love love with that owl! her eyes!!!!
    and is that my brain, coming back from the mountains by bus in the last picture?! please don't send it back home to me, i don't need that blabla part anymore...
    my dear beautiful friend, hope you are sepnding cosy and heartwarming days, love julia

  12. ...spending!
    written without glasses:( xxx