Saturday, December 1, 2012

dc state of mind

these misty, dark days with scarce rays of sunlight,
 quickly disappearing dusty gold and red in the evening sky,
and weather forecast speaking of  snow
do bring me in a wintry state of mind,
more inwardly directed, literally and figuratively,
sitting by the fire reflecting, imagining,
reading, sketching, looking forward to the holidays,
feeling pleasantly warm realizing how lucky i am

please have a look at Elizabeth's new blog (she once started this
wonderful dc experience, thank you Elisabeth) and find out about 
other state of minds

have a lovely weekend


  1. Your words are very touching, so is this artwork.
    Very interesting and beautiful with its tender colors and this inner peace in it and to me there is a question, a searching in it.
    have a good wintry time
    x Stefanie

    1. thanks Stefanie, i think i was born with a searching mind, so probably that's often a facet of my state of mind,x

  2. Beautiful collage and artwork, x

  3. Yes, Renilde, you're lucky because you are a very talented woman
    These latest works that you show, I think they are the proof of your quality as an artist, the highest level you've reached.

    1. thanks Roberto, i do appreciate and value your opinion, i do have the feeling i'm going into a new fase,let's see were we are going ;)

      it's a bit like walking in circles and than at once finding a way to somewhere else, it feels exciting, surprising and also a kind of liberating, in one word 'good'.x

  4. i will second your emotions. i find i'm slowing down, the way that you describe (bar the fire, it's just a radiator here... hee hee). and quite enjoy it too.

    next when i see the sun spreading gold, i'll think of you, no doubt. this is an imaginary, sweet collage you have created here, in colour tones that both make me dream about a (summery) desert and barren winter. it's a great contrast.

  5. I like your collage and I like your state of mind. I think I ended up in the very same mood today. Snow fell and my mind remembered that feeling of Christmas getting closer. The warmth of being at home and the light of the snow and the candles.

    Thank you for sharing.

  6. me parece muy interesante este trabajo.

  7. I love the duality of your collage, joy with a small touch of melancholy. This is what winter brings along and is mirrored in your state of mind: final of summer, final of another year, melancholy. But also peace and calm and the joy of staying at home and being together with family. Luck.
    Herzliche Grüße

  8. I am loving this new direction with collage you've been taking- the layers and colors are just perfect!
    And of course your words express winter state in the best and my most favorite way :)

  9. i didn´t know that elisabeth started the dc project .... so interesting.
    love your work!


  10. Lovely creation and lovely words. I too am enjoying the slowing down as the sun stays low on the horizon and the temperatures drop to -40.

  11. Renilde, Your state of mind - gratitude and snuggling in for winter - resonate with me. This is a very fine collage! xxoo, sus

  12. i am happy too!!
    because i once met you in this big blog world.
    you are a pearl dear renilde, xox julia

  13. Dear Renilde,
    I can find a clear, rational side and a wide-open creative side in your beautiful collage here. Your words are a wonderful mixture of both, wise and loving.
    I trust you.

    x Ariane.

  14. soft and comforting
    those colors you have used
    I like the layers
    they go nicely with your words
    a happy face
    winking eye
    and a bird

    thank you!!

    Patrice A.