Saturday, December 8, 2012

dc cactus

only one cactus lives in my house, 
many, many years ago i found it on my way,
an old lady who had been looking after it  had died and
the people who were clearing out her house had put it 
outside in the garbage bin, i felt sorry for it and took it home.

every year in december it flowers,very vibrantly fuschia,
 and that is what it is doing right now,
it's a gentle cactus without  spines (lucky me)

but the collage i made is about another cactus, 
the opuntia, 
it not only produces the edible cactus fig but there's
also a very tiny lice living on it, the coccus cacti,
from which the crimson- coloured dye carmine
is derived,, it's extracted from it's body and eggs
and used as food colouring and as cosmetics.

made me wonder, when we humans find something we can use we use it,
even if it's very tiny and living on cacti

the wondrous mind of  Nadine brought us this week's theme,
please take a look at her inspiring blog tiny WOOLF for more cacti

enjoy your weekend


  1. Oh I really LOVE your collage, I like how you combinded pattern, texture, colour and form and the lice is the best!
    I think its incredible how human find out all this things, like this or coffee for example.
    Have a nice weekend, dear renilde.

  2. dear renilde, your collage makes me happy, so beautiful! and so good, that you have rescue this "fuchsia cactus"!
    enjoy your weekend! :-) mano

  3. Wonderful coloured cactus blossoms! Obviously its way to thank you for taking it home! And the collage is great! Love the combination of different papers and your way to place some bright colours between the restrained.

    Happy weekend!

  4. Oh, dearest Renilde,
    you rescuer of a Christmas cactus... its thankfully blossoms and that in a wonderful powerful pink!
    Your collage is beautiful... very symbolic. The different layers in colour of desert, the opuntia, the lice... and the mexican snake. Your knowing of producing Carmine...
    Most of all amazes me, that in my cactus post I show something very similar... and different.

    Love to you, sis!
    x Ariane.

  5. ... love your new header... angel birds!
    x A.

  6. wooooooooooooooow! that banner!!!!!
    lordy, it is nice!!!!

    so, you have hearby learned me another garden truth... aren't we just users, after all, i mean in relation to that colour dye, extracting it from tiny creatures... and how the heck did we come about that? by killing a louse and then finding it left a red smear? i wonder! you've put that excellent wall paper to quite the right use there...! perfect cactus backdrop!!!

    the soft cactus you're talking about is indeed a winner in my book too. its exuberant winter red is just the thing. well done, you!!
    thanks for playing!!!!!

  7. Your beautiful cactus looks like the one Ariane painted. Making me see a beauty in this scary plant. I've always feared the needles of it. Your collage also added a softness to it. This is kind of cactus therapy for me ;)


  8. Excellent Renilde!!!!!!!!!!!!
    your collages are better an better and better, each minute!!!! :)
    I like a lot your new header!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. The faces/profiles in your cacti piece add another layer of collaged content. Also love your banner!!! yum!

  10. that BANNER!!!!

    you are on a new track
    with these collages
    and I like them very much
    the layers
    and those soft colors
    great post!

    Patrice A.

  11. I love your story about the cactus you found in the bin. And your wonderings about carmin! I often wonder, how did they come to know about making bread, bear, carmin...
    I like your drawing very much!

  12. Lovely - all of it. Your Christmas cactus and it's story, and of course the lovely collage, and wonder and knowldedge that it contains.

  13. your collage very interesting and inspiring for my eyes - there is so much space in this composition.
    I love your play with faces. The carmine red!
    And your new header is nice, too!
    x Stefanie

  14. Renilde, what a wonderful story and a marvellous collage! Thank you also for the science lesson. I do not know much about cactus except they can be prickly little pests. xo Carole

  15. renilde,
    I had no idea of these lice and their usage! Eek.
    The beautiful pink cactus in your home is sometimes called a Christmas cactus
    here in the US. There too?
    So lovely as well as your thoughtful collage. Beautiful earthy tones!
    Enjoy your winter, snow and all. How I would love a little snow, but alas, never here in LA.

  16. Hi Renilde

    late in visiting I know but Im glad I did a wonderful interesting post (as always)I really love your collage and the mixing of mediums has produced a rally interesting artwork.
    I had no idea about the cacti lice isnt it fascinating? I too just think humans are the gleaners of this planet we are like big sponges that just absorb everything and anything maybe thats why we have a conscience to slow us up a bit.

    Thanks for an enjoyable post

    Helen :)