Saturday, August 11, 2012

Drawing challenge/ Little book

(please click to enlarge)

Wonderful, creative Norma came up with this lovely theme but...

i do have to apologize because my little book is not as little as it should be,
 i did some miscalculation with inches and centimeters,
(that very late work hours make me a less attentive observer sometimes)
so if this were the olympics i'm sure i would be disqualified.

Anyway i had a relaxing and fun pause making ' a slightly larger book' (10,5x14cm)
Please take a look at the fairy yellow bug queen, Norma's colourful blog
for some real little books.

Nice weekend to you all


  1. Hi Renilde,
    so good to be back. visiting your wonderful blog again. As i wrote on my blog too, what a wonderful new picture of you in your profile. :-) I love your book, great images, nice colours as always and very inspiring.
    I wish you a good weekend as well!

    ps i sure will comment on the other posts of you i have missed. I will take my time for it. Just letting you know....

  2. always.. my soul is opened and blooming when I visit your beautiful realm..wowness! All of these pieces are deeply beautiful!
    You are such a magical are a painting!
    PS; i was here last week..and couldn't leave comments..i want you to know how much i enjoy your works..amazing!

  3. Big or small does not really matter. The book is beautiful! love your images, layout and writing in it. Very very lovely.

  4. Renilde. This art book makes my stomach jump it is so exciting. I will be looking and looking at it again and again and again. It is so lovely. I love the writing...the messages...and the illustrations to go with. The images alone are mysterious. Mystery. Fabulous mystery pregnant with awe. Love this. Thanks for it!! *smiles* N. xo

  5. I agree with the comments above, size is not an issue when so much thoughtfulness and creativity has gone into something:)
    Have a lovely weekend.

  6. Renilde, you're book is full of beautiful images......who cares about size!
    Have a great weekend. xo Carole

  7. I love your book, Renilde - which has such an intriguing story.. Especial favorite page is the cats and rats. xxoo, sus

  8. dear renilde,
    this is a wonderful little book. I really love each page and I would like to fly to mars with you...
    have a sunny sunday in your beautiful garden! x mano

  9. you have made this into a right proper journal, olympic qualification or not. it sure looks small to me, and therefore super cute.
    the labeled eyes, renilde! ha! stunning... i am swooning....

  10. Dear renilde, it looks small enough to me and very personal and lovely, wonderful to look at!

  11. Renilde, when I come here and see your blue...I am instantly calm.
    It's your signature! And it's a favorite color for me to delve into.
    Your book is so beautiful, as is that summer dress! To be clothed in flowers! Or to lay in a field of poppies! It's
    the best and a beautiful fantasy.

    Have a wonderful week, Renilde!

  12. Love! your work is always so surreal and dreamy. I wonder what you are like in person. Is this side of you hidden or does it delicately dance with others. Beautiful!

  13. So you are a smidge outside the rules, instantly forgiven in such a lovely offering.

  14. Your little book.. every page is a piece of art,
    dear Renilde!!