Thursday, August 30, 2012


I have been picking elderberries today,
 beneath a sky of sun and clouds
thoughts swirling through my head

i see faces i saw last evening and night
hear words that were spoken
there are thoughts and images of love
and war, about a baby that was born in Syria today
about its mother
about insight and insanity... 

and than while zipping the berries from there stems
there's rest, a peaceful mind and colour, nothing but colour
and the wind blowing through my hair

later in the kitchen i see tomorrow's full (blue) moon before i start stirring
and still a little later there is a kind of contentement
and some berries left on the tree for the birds


  1. Your reflections resonate with me, a fellow jelly-maker, Renilde. Happy Blue Moon to you, friend. -sus

  2. mmmm....

    a peaceful mind
    under a blue moon
    and colour
    I like that

    Patrice A.

  3. Renilde, the color of the branches compliment the color of the berries SO!! You didn't use a photo editor program did you? I hope not...for these colors in nature make my heart sing today! You are patient to pick those wee things in the volume that you did. I can imagine that the taste of the product is smashingly intense. Fabby! Norma, xo

    1. no photo editor Norma, they look that beautiful :) x

  4. Hey, Renilde, I do not know what are elderberries, but it seems something very delicious!
    very good idea to leave something for the birds!

  5. Insightful reflections dear Renilde, but I can't stop looking at the colors and berries, and it reminds me to go into the forrest picking some myself. Do you have a easy recipe for me to do some juice out of them? My mother always did it and gave it to us during winter time when we catch a cold - so I would love to do the same.
    Love and hugs

    1. dear Barbara, my mother did the same :)

      rinse the berries still on their stems, pick them of and place them in a pan , when you bring them to boil on a low fire the juices are released (that takes 12-15minutes)
      sieve that juice, pour it back in the pan and add sugar, 100ml juice= 100gr of sugar, bring it back to boiling point while stirring, when the sugar is liquefied and melted it's ready (you can feel the juice becoming thicker
      put the hot syrup in clean bottles and close them immediatly, ready!

      a work of patience, but very relaxing :)

  6. beautiful, painful, wonderous thoughts...
    and doing something so tangible does ground us.

  7. Every time I hear or read the word elderberry I think of Elton John singing Elderberry Wine! But looking at your photos reminds me of what beauty nature provides for food and colour. Tomorrow we'll pick blackberries to bake in a pie.
    To think the blue moon I see from my window is the same blue moon you saw from your's! xo

  8. Dear Renilde thank you for the recipe - I will give it a try, need only the berries and clean bottles... lets see if I manage to do this.
    Thanks a lot, Barbara :)