Saturday, August 25, 2012

drawing challenge/ circus

this weeks theme asked for colour :)

please take a look at Helen's interesting blog,
there are some great circus pictures over there
and the names of the other participants,

have a joyful weekend


  1. very good Renilde! full of details

  2. Renilde!!!!! Hi!
    This is one of your paintings that I like more :))))))))))))))
    really, congratulations, the use of white and red gives a special atmosphere
    glazes, and collage,all!!!!! this is a masterpiece, I tell you sincerely

  3. yes, me too, I like that painting, how you use the white, fantastic.
    have a nice weekend, Stefanie

  4. I think like Roberto this is one of my favourites.Great use of color. Have a lovely weekend;)

  5. Great Circus pictures! I like the way you have used red!

  6. That looks like YOU on that tightrope Renilde!! Oh what a delightful visual journey you have made for us all. This post is awesome, awesome, awesome!! What you can do with three (basically) colours blows me away. This is a luscious and interesting experience here. Those rabbits in the hat. Great!! The blue hen~very 'Chagall': love this!! Your work continues to stun me. *hugs* Norma, xo

  7. Renilde

    I love it.
    Wow its really beautiful work the colours and the composition such a fabulous narrative.
    This would be great illustrations for a childrens book

    Love your style as always....Helen x

  8. ma!, renilde, thanks for cropping and highlighting all of these details. the couple in your painting make me both sad and trumendously happy, you've touched a nerve, i can't say why. your collage technique is meticulously well placed, might i add... and the white. i am falling in love with the white outlines.

  9. What a great collage with all these wwonderful little details.
    I have the feeling that I sit in the manege...
    Love it

  10. wat een fantastisch werk!!
    kleur en de collages
    de tekenaar
    het meisje in het hoekje
    er is zoveel te zien
    fijn, fijn!!

    en nee,
    geen zin in engels vandaag

  11. LOve your circus piece. There is so much too look at, and I love the colour and bits of white.

  12. Renilde, this is so circus like....action going on everywhere! Love those bunnies and the girl (is it you?) walking on the tight rope! xo Carole

  13. These are spectacular! I would love to go to that circus.

  14. fantastic! I most like the rabbits and your mixed-media collages.
    :-) mano

  15. too wonderful, Renilde! I especially love blue hen and the trio of rabbits. Amazing work. xxxo, sus

  16. would love to go to your circus too dear renilde!! seems i passed a great challenge!
    the "chicken-godess-stones" can keep everything safe i guess, not only chickens;) so your garden is the right place!

    love & hugs, julia

  17. Dear Renilde,
    its a little bit crazy... today my comments disappear...
    I hope this one will stay.

    I love your Circus! All the colours, patterns and levels, wonderful. And all the characters... beautiful.
    The angle reminds me on the 'July of the Place de la Bastille, Paris'...

    x Ariane.