Saturday, August 4, 2012

drawing challenge/ crow

It's early morning on a promising summerday,
i'm sitting in the kitchen with my grandson (one year and a half now),
his mum having a good sleep.
He has a good appetite in the morning, i have not, but  eating 
together is so nice.
He puts his little forefinger to his ear when he hears an unusual or unknown sound.
Yes, i say, een vogel (a bird), een kraai (a crow), kraa-kraa-kraa, 
he imitates the sound too and we both laugh.
I do love crows.

Above; old sketchbook page and a detail of an unfinished gouache i'm working on at
the moment, tittled 'summerdress' but (lucky me) there's also a crow involved.
So dear Carole, as crows are dear to me, i could not but participate.
Please have a look at  lovely Carole's interesting blog for more crows.

good weekend to you all


  1. Wow, I would say you're the early bird äh crow this weekend with the drawing challenge! I like especially your sketchbook page it has this spontenaously appeal and your story about your grandson (wow also).

  2. Renilde, I share your love for the crow. You have captured their wise, almost smirky, look in your sketch. The crow in your painting looks like it might be up to no good!

    How lovely to share breakfast with your grandson! xo Carole

  3. hey renilde, what a beautiful shed!
    i smile at the crow's cry you wrote down, the bird certainly didn't steal its name, it deserves it so much (in flemish, of course).
    and of course! the kra-kra of the grandson... perfect picture...!

  4. How delightful it is for me to read of you and your grandson laughing together at the breakfast table. It's pure heaven. You are both lucky and will count this as a precious moment in the memory bank.
    'summerdress' looks enchanting and interesting. I look forward to seeing more of it in future. Happy summer time Renilde! *smiles* Norma, xo

  5. Oh,
    I'm very touched by your breakfast with your grandson,
    dear Renilde.
    And your crows on your sketchbook... kraa! wonderful. Even the endless thread... its a kind of sign for knowing through the ages.
    The flying crow of your painting looks very majestic...

    Have a nice weekend

  6. I love this simple composition! Sheep and crows, two simple country pleasures.

  7. Hi Renilde

    it seems ages since Ive popped in for a visit. I hope you are well your artwork is so refreshing you captured the flight of the bird really well.

    Very nice

    Helen :)

  8. Renilde - a fascinating painting, and a beautiful portrait of breakfast on a summer morning with your little grandson. Kraa, kraa! love from sus

  9. hej. warm welcome back.
    love your painting with the crow and the sheep. magical.

  10. lovely summer painting, and a lovely descriptions of breakfast together with your grand child. My daughter is having her first child this month, I am so looking forward to it!

  11. I love the story and the kraaa-kraa! and I immediatly liked the gouache, not only because of the crow, but also for the sheep! I adore those animals;-)

  12. Nice story..
    I can see you with your grandson in the kitchen, chatting...

  13. Hi Renilde. how beautiful and loving what you say
    and how beautiful your picture
    I congratulate you
    and I want to say thank you for your kind words, your comments are always appreciated.
    good week for you!

  14. love the sketch but mostly the painting... the shed, the crow and that sheep
    and the time spent with your grandson makes me smile : )

  15. Hi Renilde- hope you had a nice time away- so good to see your work again...and love hearing about your morning time with your grandson- very special time.
    the drawing of the crow is very beautiful...I am especially enamored with that bird too !