Saturday, September 3, 2011

Drawing challenge Stained glass

A small chapel in the South of France, I wouldn't mind to have this attached to my house or in my garden :)
The burning heart stained glass, same place in France; the burning heart image used in the christian religian (symbol for religious inspiration) has always attracted me, to me this image represents passion, passion for life in all its facets.

And this is my version of stained glass...

This weeks challenge hosted by the ever inspirational Nadine.

Sunny weekend to all of you! x

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  1. wow, wow, wow. i so like the design of the flowers, you make it look so real too!! and i love your little trick. have you got it up like this at home?

    but something else, renilde.
    your new header???? oh-my-g**. it is SO delicious. those skirts, they make me smile....
    ha, truely wonderful scene.
    postcard, postcard... ;)))

  2. Thank you sweetie, illusion, all illusion thanks to photo collage. and thank you again, i enjoyed your theme.

    The new header pictures lady summer asking lady autumn if she really has to take over already, but there is no way back, lady autumn has already awakened the mushrooms and her basket is filled with fall colours. xx

  3. Dear Renilde,
    I love your virtual collage! The flowers are very pretty and the colours wonderful...

    I have a burning heart image here in my castle. Its thin sheet metal, gold and I love it. A dear friend brought it to me from Italy.
    And look at those light in the Chapel in South France! So much beauty...

    Your view trough your triptych is mmmmarvellous!


  4. ooooo
    love, love your flowers!!!!

  5. illusions are so fun, surprising, and mysterious
    beauty cast upon us unaware....

  6. I love your stained glass piece, and your header is just fabulous, I read your explanation of it above, how wonderful. I like how your mind works.

  7. I like how your mind works as well. love your trippy art, so metaphysical.

    hope all is well in your colorful world.

  8. Thank you !

    Yes Ariane i love that vieuw, it's a pleasure living admidst all that green.

  9. Beautiful work, my dear! Also, thank you for the story behind the scene pictured in your header - wonderful!