Saturday, September 24, 2011

Drawing challenge / Bike

once there was a girl who loved biking, she biked day and night....

she rode uphill and downhill in all kinds of weather....

she biked and biked, fast...faster and faster....

that girl she rode so fast and one day she just vanished...
i wonder.. will she appear again when she stops pedaling...

For more bikes please take a look at Hi Happy Panda where sweet Rachel is our host for this week.
Nice weekend to you all !! x
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  1. Dear Renilde,
    I surmise she will appear again... Sometimes the last will be the first.
    Fantastic drawings... what a ride!

    Is it a light, a back-light?
    And I like very much the turbulence in her hair and around the wheels...


  2. what a great story!

    do you know the little animated movie
    Father and daughter

    it is not the same
    but got the same sphere
    I like it that you used
    just a few soft colors
    great, great work!!!

  3. So dreamy. Sort of the way I feel when I ride. Your rider will have to stop sometime. She has such a determined posture, like she's going somewhere important, but taking her time.

  4. unexpected story, renilde.... :)
    yes, the stages to your drawing... i like the steps we take when we draw, yeah? i like it also you show us here.
    oh, she's a dreamer, alright.
    she can but disappear, and shine!

  5. Dear Renilde
    I love the hair flowing and the boxes she carries behind her... old cameras? a clown on top perhaps...?
    "she rode uphill and downhill in all kinds of weather" I like this, sounds familiar....


  6. dear Renilde,

    may I invite you for BREAKFAST at my place?

  7. This is a great story and visual series - the girl seems to be part of the wind as she rides. Beautiful, fanciful, magical!

  8. Lovely story and beautiful drawings, love those colors and speed effects!

  9. Hi Renilde, this is great!!! I like it very much!