Saturday, September 10, 2011

drawing challenge 9/11

i was sitting at my table, blanco sheet of paper before me and i couldn't draw a thing.
thinking of the cruelty , the chaos, the pain, the fear, the madness, the despair, the helplessness, everytime i put my pencil to the paper i stopped and feelings of deep grief came over me, i sat there for quite some time, i always thought i was able to draw everything.....

later that day i wrote 'i love you's',
so many people in the towers and their loved ones in the outside world were saying i love you to each other
you may find it strange maybe, but that makes it somehow bearable for me to think of 9/11

This weeks drawing challenge is hosted by Jasmin on her great Jazzy Two Shoes blog.

Wishing you all a peacefull weekend, x
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  1. Dear Renilde,
    your art-work is very touching!
    How often was said 'I love you!'? All the people facing the death knew what's really important in life: Love.

    Thank you very much.

  2. Mixed media. Always evolving.

    The "I love you's" are perfect.

    Thank you.

  3. What a beautiful tribute to all those who lost their lives. Love is what the world needs.

  4. talkin' 'bout a challenge, and in total respect for the victims...
    i love the patchwork effect. it is powerful, the soft colours are perfect against the roughness of stone...
    the making-of behind your work is terribly moving, human.

  5. Dear Renilde
    I found it hard to draw too...
    These images are very effective.
    The whispered words fallen on the hard stone.

  6. wauw

    and yes
    let there be love

  7. la imagen del día. no hace falta más.

  8. wonderful tribute renilde!
    yes, love, lots of love pours out still to all the broken hearts.

  9. This is a indeed a beautiful expression of your feelings on such a sad day - and a great tribute to those who were lost. The people may be gone, but the "I love you"s will last forever. If we were to build a tower out of all the times we say those three words, it would be indestructible.