Saturday, May 2, 2015

dc stars

my little star is spending his holidays with us.
he loooooooves his toy animals and exploring the garden,
looking for the real thing.
 eating ice is a serious business .

our lovely Veronica asked us to look for stars,
please take a look at her beautiful place for more.

have a great weekend


  1. he most certainly is a star
    sweet expression of our theme

  2. bright star of the human kind... may he indulge on many more ice creams, he looks so cute!
    before closing shop for the day here, i was happy to come and say hi.
    so hi! till soon. count the stars... n♥

  3. The little grandchild star is one of the brightest in our lives, Renilde. xo

  4. Oh my gosh, he's so cute. I just spent three with my three little stars! Truly the most precious stars in the world. Hope you had the best fun with him. :D

  5. There is no brighter star than an innocent child, especially one as cherished as your little grandson (and mine).

  6. Yes, this little stars made my day. And also the nights. Big smile.

  7. Oh yes who could be more a shining star as an cute child - the innocents and thruthfullness makes them shine like the brightest star.
    Wish you a happy week all together.
    barbara bee

  8. Yes, dear Renilde, what a sweet shining star he is!

  9. A lovely drawing and so much alike your son.
    Lovely photos! And now I want a soft ice! :)

  10. Hi Renilde! Beautiful boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and your watercolor (its awatercolor, right?) is wonderful!!!! just a few brush strokes and you did an excellent portrait!!! congratulations! Yes, the boy is a Star!

  11. a true star! eating icecream is serious and it´s important to practice at least once a day!
    x Stefanie

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