Saturday, April 25, 2015

dc coat (or two)

from the moment i got  Patrice's invitation to a dc 
themed  'coat', images began to built up in my head.
there was that idea of the garden wearing a new coat now for sure.
the only thing i lacked was time to put the image onto paper.
but  with one eye on the clock i started painting.
after uploading the result i wasn't quite pleased about certain parts.
but time was up.

so later on and back home i decided to finish the gouache.
i made myself a cup of coffee and sat down.
the next moment i pushed over my cup and there was a gouache with a big coffee stain.

ok, no dc for me after all...
while tearing up the 'garden coat' an idea came to the rescue.
this is a challenge after all.
et voila

please have a look at Patrice's beautiful blog,
we are all wearing coats this weekend.

fine weekend to you


  1. dearest Renilde!
    i LOVE the idea of the garden wearing a new coat
    and the first painting looks so fine and cheerful
    but i also like the end results
    ok a coffee stain is no good
    but that coat with the flowers and the bird... hmmm
    it looks like a kimono and
    although i am not a flower-pattern-girl
    i truly like that one!!!!

    thanks so much for joining!!

  2. Hey, well done Renilde! Never give up. I'm sorry for your first beautiful image and the coffee, (heavens knows I've done the same myself so many times...except with tea), but that is an exceptional save. Don't you just love a challenge? Last week I accidentally rinsed my oil brush out in my tea instead of the turpentine! What are we like? :D

  3. oye! spilled coffee
    i did that this morning, in the kitchen, on the counter, on the carpet, takes a while to clean up
    fun that you took that as a challenge and your spring coat became two
    i enjoy looking at your painting, the kitty in the air and springs new coat, lovely
    i will have to hike the woods and see what springs coat is like today

  4. Dear Renilde, I love your delicate colors and combining thoughts of nature and coat is charming, thank you! xo Leena

  5. a challenge that´s it... and I love your posting, the last image is so good and it´s beautiful, beauty everywhere
    and our gardens wearing new coats
    x Stefanie

  6. Wonderful to see all the different coats. Your "flower" coat reminds me of Monet's garden in Giverny. The garden as a coat.

  7. i guess what i like so much is 'or two'. because that is life. have one, or some more. we have the freedom to wish and get more... ah. ...

    ... and have coffee come to your rescue. yep. i can live with that. n♥

  8. Dear Renilde, I love the Idea of a Garden as a coat.
    Thank you so much for your comment.

  9. And that's why our mother's told us not to drink coffee while we work! BUT Renilde, you won the challenge and create beauty out of stains. Love them all. xo

  10. Yes a challenge and in the end a wonderful result. I liked your garden-flower-coat at first sight but the cut out pieces are even more intruiging and special, so they would be my favorites anyway and one can see sometimes even an accident can bring the best results!
    barbara bee

  11. wonderful painting - the garden coat is so adorable! but I like the two "coffeecoats" too!
    have a beautiful week, dear renilde!
    :-) mano

  12. a challenge, quite true. and you know what is funny, almost the same happened to me. when working on my tiny drawing, I first did put the black lines on paper. a mistake, of course. and when I've started coloring the yellow parts, everything turned black and ugly. but I've decided, I will dry it up and will keep on going. in the end, the paper looked much better, than I could have imagined. seems, that happened to your drawings as well, because they've turned out beautiful!

  13. Soft and charming! A dreamy look. I love the cat!

  14. Hi Renilde !!! Your art grows !!! You grow! I love your pictorial language (I think I told you) Somehow, your painting. with one person and flowers, it reminded me of Odilon Redon.
    I congratulate you! :)))))))))

  15. Beautiful. I love the vibrant colors of your coats!

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