Friday, April 3, 2015

garden in april

the garden shows signs of spring, no doubt, 
but lady winter is stretching her farewell.
each day i look up at the magnolia buds 
that have to brave heavy winds and are in need for
some warmer days, just like me.
garden work is so much more enjoyable when the sun is out.

but the days are longing fearlessly and the chocolate eggs pure delight.

happy hollidays to you


  1. wonderful pictures of your garden!
    happy easter, dear renilde!
    :-) mano

  2. lovely glimpses at the beginning of spring
    i woke to a dusting of snow
    and we have also had cold winds
    but flowers not so much
    though i did find my first flowers yesterday - pure heaven to be with them
    you have lovely easter treasures
    lovely weekend to you

  3. Happy Easter to you Renilde!
    xo Carole

  4. i had to look closely to the one image of the statue. it kind of showed up black and white underneath those branches. it had me intrigued so. now for some eggs. soft boiled. mhmmm. happy holidays to you all. x n♥

  5. dear renilde ... thanks for your words @ my blog!

    your garden looks so enchanted. i like the hedges and the little magical statue. and yes ... also i look every day @ the magnolia in our wild garten and we´re wish warmer days ... gardening with cold fingers is not the yellow of the egg ;o)

    happy colorful easter to you!


  6. La Naturaleza es muy bondadosa con el ser bellisima con su explosión de colores!!La pana es que la avaricia del ser humano no tiene limites y vá poco a poco destruyendola..

    Un blog muy lindo me encanta tus enradas

    Gracias por compartir
    Con cariño Victoria

  7. Es una maravilla ver las flores brotar con la llegada de la primavera.
    Hermosas fotografías.