Saturday, May 23, 2015

dc Frida

i can see you Frida in your garden
the ever changing blue of the walls
the chatting of parrots and monkeys
you, an exotic flower amid it all

i can see you Frida
clever eyes in the mirror


happy and sad
lonely and loved
desperate and hoping
drugged and bereft


your name as strong as your gaze
your posture upright and proud
trying to defeat the pain
passion is calling out

they've told me many stories
trying to 'explain' you that way
still i look for your truth in your paintings
listening for what you have to say 

thanks dear Patrice for this theme.
 Frida will always be an inspiration,
as you will find out at Patrice's beautiful place.

 fine weekend to you all


  1. you describe so clever and sensitive the secret about Frida Kahlo...
    It´s a wonderful tribute and your painting is as mystic, too, I always enjoy to follow your language!
    x Stefanie

  2. What a wonderful post with strong, colourful and beautiful pictures and words! Thank you Renilde.. and Frida:)

  3. Ja, your are right, dear Renilde,
    and I listen to Frida's paintings, too, to find out, what's true. She is/was a great painter and many projections were thrown on her. You find here the words, for that I am ringing. Your painting so wonderful, beautiful, and: true. Beautiful.


  4. oooo..... Renilde.....
    i LOVE your words, the rhytmn, their meaning

    and her garden! her wonderful garden
    which i once saw in a documentary
    (or was it a movie?...)

    thanks for this fine post
    i am happy that you found the time
    i see FRIDA, her clever eyes in the mirror


  5. this is exquisite
    i love how you filled the door with her face
    and the plants are wonderful
    quite original of you, like Frida was original
    your words full of the spirit of Frida
    thank you for this moving offering

  6. I too love Frida for her courage and defiance in the face of pain.
    Your words and paintings are a tribute to her.

  7. Wow !! Renilde !!!! I love your painting as always and your poem, i never knew you write so well !!!
    Congratulations !!! Have a nice weekend !!!

  8. Holy smokes Renilde, that's beautiful and powerful. Can you imagine being the young Frida, bent and broken, in pain, looking in thru the window from her corset and restraints? Oh how hard that must have been. You have captured that moment perfectly. What a treat it was for me to pop over to yours and see this. Thank you so very much. Big hugs.

  9. soft as ever, now words to strengthen your vision... frida's garden inside out. a delight, your interpretation. x n♥

  10. You've made a wonderful interpretation - eric

  11. You've made a wonderful interpretation - eric

  12. I love both - your painting and your Poem.
    Thank you!

  13. I am with Stefanie Seltner on this. You describe and approach her in such a wise way!

  14. Beautiful painting, and your poem is truly inspiring - you've captured the essence of what I think of as Frida.