Wednesday, March 11, 2015

instinct 2

instinct 2 is the title but while painting the following phrases
crossed my mind:

can i come with you? he asked
i would like that, she answered, but i'm afraid i'm going to hurt you.
i will take the risk, he replied.


  1. i would never expect those lyrics. neither would i have expected the very same circumstances in the book i've just finished, blindfold, by siri hustvedt. i get the opportunity here to crawl back inside this book i'll miss for a few more days... so unexpected... so coincidential. intriguing, this! n♥

    1. ha... wonderfully weird, now i am of course curious about the book.

  2. such a wonderful piece to look at. i so enjoy the relationship between them.
    considering your words was nice too, as it made me look at it and life a little differently than i did no my own.