Thursday, March 26, 2015

beyond silent doors


  1. so springlike, but also mysterious!
    I love your hare from the last post - he is in a good spring mood!!
    :-) mano

  2. renilde! what's not to love in this painting? i keep on seeing new things, new meanings. the houses remind me of what i see when i'm on the train; the red lines draw me in, the shadow play in the middle. it is so well thought out, yet also quirky. ha. touché. n♥

  3. Houses, people, dogs and color...what's not to love about this beautiful painting!?

  4. Another truly stunning piece, Renilde; I love the dreamy surrealism and the mysterious, somber mood.

  5. I love that your art begs for me to pause and consider.
    at this moment i see a time between seasons, like we are now with spring and winter dancing back and forth.
    the red doors are wonderful amongst the gray walls. The scallops in the sky inspire me to dream...