Saturday, March 14, 2015

dc spring break

as an explanation of 'mad as a march hare'
wikipedia writes :
'...jumping vertically for seemingly no reason.....'

as the dutch/flemisch translation for 'spring' is  'jump'
let's just jump into spring and have a break after that long winter.

this weeks drawing challenge is hosted by Veronica,
a lady with green fingers and creativity in abundance,
so please take a look at her lovely place
to find out what the other participants did with spring break.

have a sunny weekend


  1. love that you shared about jump, I never knew that.

    I am mad for your jumping hare!

  2. Dearest Renilde you have me laughing with enjoyment. Those toes on that first rabbit. Oh those toes. They are ready to JUMP. Did you have fun painting this gal? You must have. She is so full of happiness and joy. I love that daisy chain she is holding. Like a string of Xmas lights, but spring daisies now. And it tickles me the way the knee pulls up the dress and we gain a peek at her magnificent strength in her leg. She will be jumping far I bet. The bottom piece reminds me of a postage stamp which could be on a letter posted to an imagined rabbit fairyland where everyone can jump high and to wherever they want... Happy spring dear! N, xo

  3. Oh she's lovely in her spring green dress! Spring=Jump! Jumping into spring here too, Renilde. :) xo

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  5. Springing and jumping into the year

  6. I've always wondered about the connection between spring and hares (actually: Easter and the Easter Bunny). Now I know:) Love your jumping fairylike hare. She made me smile.

  7. my intention it was to bring you a king of sorts, but naturally my king paled effectively in the light of your spring{ing} hare... as long as we make up stories to inspire... we're on track. spring track. x n♥ ... and the daisies! lest we forget... ;)))

  8. Oh, so adorable. Your rabbit made me smile. Its pose with the daisies is so cute!

  9. oohhhh......
    i LOVE your green jumping spring hare!
    her fine springgreen-dress
    the daisies....
    she looks like a ballerina ;^))
    with her pointing toes
    i like, very much!


  10. Haha that's a great idea, jumping into spring together with all that beautiful green and yellow. CAn I dance with her!

  11. Dear Renilde,
    what a fine jumping hare! a Frühling in German :-)
    And do you know? I love even the small painting here! It's so fresh and vivid!

    xox Ariane

  12. Oh! So elegant and fun at the same time! Love this!! And very happy to meet you as we hop about the blogs!

  13. Also in German, Spring is Jump. Wonderful Painting. Thank you.

  14. Love it! I have a real thing about hare's at the moment... and I just keep on seeing them everywhere I go... sadly not real ones though!

  15. Spectacular! Sorry about the late comment sweetie, been travelling. Love that daisy chain March hare. Mad as a hatter, that one. If I were to meet him we'd skip that daisy chain together. Wonderful. X

  16. Renilde, this is such a magnificant piece. I love it.

  17. Renilde, this is absolutely perfect! Whimsical, expressive - perfect for spring!

  18. Oh, I love that jumoing bunny, it´s really nice, those colors... the background is very mystic... would be a nice print to hang it on the wall.
    x Stefanie

  19. Hello Renilde, what a fun and wonderful painting which is really perfect for spring - it reflects springs spirit perfectly!
    Love it.
    barbara bee