Saturday, February 22, 2014

dc eye contact

and then among all those people,
those passengers, that crowd
my eyes meet someone else's eyes
eyes meet mine...just that little longer
more than just looking
 beyond the eyes
a kind of instinctive sensation
mysterious attraction
comfort, hope, reassurance
and it feels good
eye contact

please go and take a look at many more eye contacts
you will be pleasantly surprised

thanks my friends for participating and making some eye contact
i might be unable to visit your blogs this weekend
but i surely will come looking into your eyes as soon as i can

thanks for your warm and encouraging comments
they are deeply appreciated

have a fine weekend


  1. dear renilde, exactement what i meant with the tiny message at the end of my post. nice way of graphically showing us that magical interaction of eye-meets-eye-contact. now wasn't that a song in the seventies too??? i wonder...
    have a nice weekend, toe-de-loe, n♥

  2. dear renilde, your picture shows that magic of eye contact in a crowd so perfectly. this short moment of meeting someone's eye, which can say so much more than words could ever do.
    thank you for this magical theme! have a nice weekend!
    xo dania

  3. hello and thank you for being our host.

    your art is wonderful, i love how the eyes meet in it... true contact.

  4. Blushing at the intimacy of eye contact........ thank you for hosting this wonderful theme.
    Happy Sunday to you. xo Carole

  5. Renilde, this piece is wonderful; it does re-create that feeling, I think, of making eye contact with someone in a crowd.

  6. your words so true
    and your paintings says it all
    i love to make contact, eye contact
    sometimes so much is said in such a short time

    i loved the theme!!
    and just posted mine

    happy Sunday to you!

  7. Yes this is a lovey way of saying connection or connecting- through the glance- how we meet on a higher level for fleeting moments- so beautiful

    Thanks for hosting! I loved this too :)

  8. A lovely challenge for me this week Renilde - much time spent with people I love. Eye contact reassuring that all will be well.

  9. love your painting!
    It is a great theme, I really enjoyed you gave me such a big inspiration!
    And looking at your painting I feel close to you... contact!
    x Stefanie

  10. Great interpretation of such a magic moment, that sometimes happens between strangers in a crowd! I love that, getting connected with someone you haven't known until then. A look, an eye contact, maybe a smile or a grin on something...wonderful!
    And perfectly told in your painting!

  11. Hi, Renilde. first I want to thank you, because the chosen theme, it is wonderful!
    your painting as always very good.
    I think there are different kinds of eye contact ... Some occur to us without letting us nothing, and others that leave us with the feeling that there could be a more intense contact, but the person disappears into the crowd, and we do not dare to say, wait, let's talk!

  12. I have got a wonderful time, dear Renilde, with your theme :-)
    Celebrated eye contact with my lovelies at home and strangers in the bus and train...often with a shy response, questioning look, then a smile.
    Your great painting says it all! as your words does!
    Thank you, Dear!

    And, may I invite you for this week's dc? My theme is VASE.

    xo Ariane.