Saturday, March 1, 2014

dc vase

they come in all sizes, colors and materials
even a cup , a bottle or a bucket can be transformed into a vase
some are works of art 
some ask for flowers
a vase filled with flowers brightens, lightens up a room, 
it  brings nature's energy  inside

Ariane shows us often her vases filled with flowers, 
always a delight to look at
her theme had to be 'vase' sooner or later 
please visit her beautiful blog 'Rose' and find out about the inspiration this theme brought us.

happy weekend to you all


  1. Lovely drawing, renilde; I love how the flowers in the vase become a landscape! Creative and beautiful, as always...

  2. Beautiful! I love this collection of vases, large & small.

  3. Renilde, at the your first peek of you painting I thought "it looks like the flowers are floating out like a genie from a bottle." But no you thrill me with a view of the country side garden! Thank you, it's wonderful. xo Carole

  4. :o* thank you for your comment.

    and i love your magical vase ... wow!

  5. Those miniatures are awesome!

    and I love how you present your painting this week- like a bouquet that envelopes our senses and makes the environment seem that much bigger- bringing the outside in :)

  6. And also, it can be a beautiful painting like yours, looking at your painting, it occurs to me that the vase is prolongation of the woman who has it in his hands, and that the woman herself is a vase, in the sense of: beauty container
    container of wonderful magic, (I'm thinking of a pregnant woman)
    Beautiful post, Renilde, I liked!

  7. the painting is beautiful! So nice if you think that the smell or the look of flowers can take you to a whole different kind of place. I really love it! Also that only that spot of your work is in color.
    And I like the second picture with the small furniture and vases, funny ;-)

  8. Oooh, dear Renilde,
    your post makes me smile!
    At the first pic, the clipping of your beautiful painting, where she smells at the flowers, she is kissing them, too. And of course, the vase is vivid green. It contains a whole landscape, the sky... the world... life! Really beautiful is the contrast of pure line and colour!
    Thank you very much for all sizes of your vases!

    xo Ariane.

  9. i like what you do with tiny things, i remember the house you showed before and now here the furniture and the tiny vases. they tickle my fancy, esp. since they are versatile and pretty in their own right. of course, you have us bamboozled a little on your drawing, which works so surprisingly well when you show us full profile! talking 'bout bringing the outside in! n♥

    1. back already..... ;))))
      i'm here to invite you to come and play next weekend, over at mine's.
      cheerio, and enjoy this week...

  10. you are so right about vases :)

  11. Wonderful flowers and vases, but your drawing with the lady and the vases: I love it to no end, so wonderful how the imagination floats out of the vase - just great and I like the little dog watching the scene of course!
    barbara bee

  12. ;^))
    1 bloem in een mini-vaasje
    of een heel landschap in je hoofd door de geur van een boeket
    beide vind ik fijn!


  13. your painting is beautiful. I love the wonderful bunch of landscape flowers and I'll like to kiss it too ;-)!