Thursday, February 6, 2014

keep on skipping


  1. This immediately reminds me of the ups and downs of life :) It has a wonderful balance to it and tension- I am wondering the story you were onto when you made it...lovely colors too Renilde!

  2. ah! renilde! i am seriously lusting after your talent!!

    this is just perfect.... did you use acrylics, gouache?


  3. my dear renilde, you painted a whole life in that!!
    like kristin said: all the up's and down's.
    beauty and fear and so so many possibilities
    how this scenery, as a story, can go on!.
    very touching!
    xxx julia

  4. oh so beautiful! how you painted this bubble background - I have to look again and again, it´s´a fascinating painting! the green is so tender for the eyes.
    x Stefanie

  5. skip skip, skip to my lou, skip skip, skip to my lou my darling! a favorite little kindergarten song of mine.

    skipping rope was another favorite of mine, and tap dancing....

    i'm forever blowing bubbles, pretty bubbles in the air....another song

    bubbles are filled with rainbows, life is but a dream

    bubbles are magical and float on air
    bubbles tell us, to dream a little dream
    for our very own selves

    the little girl jumping rope
    comes now and again
    to show us.....

    life is a little bit now, and a little bit remembering
    the past


    this is an amazing brings back memories...reminding us of the child with in us, carefree and light hearted enough to ....jump a rope.

    hope this finds you sitting by a warm fire as you paint.

    love & ((hugs))
    the wild magnolia

  6. at first i was concerned about the growing dog
    but then i considered your words
    and smiled
    keep on skipping, no matter what is going on
    really a great piece to consider.

  7. wat een prachtig schilderij
    er zit zoveel in
    het is duidelijk van jou en toch zo anders
    ik vind het mooi!!


  8. this is so playful ... like the dogs are just waiting to jump in :)

  9. mooi, mooi, MOOI
    wat een mooie postkaart!!
    ik hou van het meisie, ik hou van het behang, ik vind het landschapje gevangen in het touw zo speels. en oh! haar jurk!
    hier valt heel wat te ontdekken.
    goe bezig, jong, zeggen ze bij ons.
    {en wat fijn om dat in rasecht vlaams te kunnen schrijven, voor de verandering....}
    ps - wat je schreef nav daily project. klopt zo!
    bedankt. ik schrijf er 's wat meer over in een post, denk ik, wat er allemaal gebeurt met een mens in die dagelijkse bezigheden... ;)))

  10. I really thought I had left a comment on this post - I must be losing it! I love love love this piece so much, Renilde!!! Is it for sale?