Sunday, September 22, 2013

dc maria (finished version, i think)

ok, Maria... 
if you drive around in belgium you'll come across many small catholic chapels,
many of them dedicated to a most famous Maria.
each and every chapel with it's own inscription;
Maria (our lady) of the roses
                                                                                      of the dry tree
                                                                                      of  the white branch
                                                                                      of the seven sorrows
                                                                                      of the secret garden
                                                                                      of the cherry tree
                                                                                      of the hill , etc.
                      to me they sound fairy-tale like  and i wonder.... and think up stories, i see pictures.

                    a few weeks ago, sitting in the car, passing another number of chapels i was wondering 
                    would there also be somewhere 'our lady of the owls' and in a flash  the above image
                    was born in my mind.
                   i had already started painting it when dear Patrice came up with this week's theme,
                  well, here she is Maria (of the owls).

                     this Maria came also to my mind

                    thanks for your patience :)   x




  1. such a wonderful coincidence! i love your lady with and of the owl!

  2. Oh I love this Renilde!
    Symbols of wisdom, both.
    (Our lady of the dry tree... wow, so poetic).

  3. Wonderful picture Renilde, love the owl!
    and that song make me go back some years ago, love the feeling Santana's put on that song.

    great week dear friend!

  4. patience is never no pain here! and such a funky maria was born! i think i share your bewilderment on how many marias will be star of a region. she sure is bewildering herself, as is your owl maria. as is santana's... ;))) x n♥

  5. i am in love!
    the owl face says it all,
    a wonderful, touching painting dear renilde!
    xox julia

  6. oh, soo beautiful - I love how both look to me!
    :-) mano

  7. I didn't realize there were so many ladies :) Yours is striking- the owl looks serene and Maria looks like she knows better ! Love it

  8. Maria's arm around the owl and the glimmer in Maria's eyes intrigue me. Beautiful, Renilde.

  9. i like them both
    the un-finished and the finished!
    her eyes so wise, the owl in ease with her arm around him
    such a beautiful maria of the owls!

    thank you for joining!

    Patrice A.

  10. Strong and caring Maria and same intense look in her eyes as the owl in her arm.
    You can't do anything else than return their looks, so much to read in them...

  11. Renilde, only now I can come to your blog!
    wonderful painting, here in my country and throughout Latin America, something similar happens to your country, there are many Marías, usually called "Nuestra Señora de ..." (the place or area where she appeared)
    Your painting is wonderful congratulations