Wednesday, September 4, 2013

a pheasant and a toad

so far...


  1. WOW! they really look great all together- the colors compliment each other so nicely and I love how graphic they are in their designs- really nice work!

  2. Renilde, I have a question to ask you. do you dream a lot when you sleep at night?
    Because I think you have a world inside your head with a different reality. a fabulous world where can exist creatures like this toad (fabulous, beautiful, and also excellent work of art)
    I really like your inner world (if you have one) ha ha :)))
    Your great admirer, Roberto.

  3. they are wonderful! love them all!
    :-) mano

  4. I like your compositions and perspectives.
    a blue world and sand ...

  5. They look really terrific all together, and I find looking at your pheasant a total delight!

  6. i adore pheasants and toadies and all of your art. Pheasants are regal and toadies are hoppers. ;-]