Saturday, September 14, 2013

dc health

i was thinking sunflowers look so healthy, strong,
full of life, reaching for the sun, swaying in the wind, their beauty makes me happy.
when we are in good health we are like flowers.

we offer flowers to people who are ill,  flowers lift the spirit,
a lifted spirit has a positive effect on the entire body.
when we are in good health we are open,
when we are ill we live like in some kind of cocoon,
we make a strange kind of journey,
 we depend on healthy people who care for us....

just some thoughts when i read about dear  Ariane's theme of the week,
please have a look at her beautiful blog ,
there you'll find more reflections on health.

for you out there who are not feeling well i offer you some sunflowers,
for the ones in good health please enjoy them too

have a fine weekend


  1. wow interesting and yes, flowers and health, are a great couple!
    very strong imagination, love it!
    I send you flowers and wish you a nice sunday
    x Stefanie
    your header is fantastic!

  2. I have thought that in the Plant Kingdom and the Animal Kingdom, probably more diseases beings are human beings, probably, many of the diseases we suffer we create ourselves.
    and maybe we have strayed too far from the plants and animals.
    Nice day for you beautiful sunflower!!!!

  3. Yes to everything you said, I especially think this picture of a cocoon when we're ill, I never thought about seeing it this way, but its true.
    Your painting is superb as always and the sunflowers heartwarming, good for grey rainy days. Thank you.

  4. sweet you!
    what a fine painting
    and yes! flowers and health are connected
    nature often makes me feel wel or better

    to good health!!
    on tuesday i will announce the new theme

    Patrice A.

  5. Thought provoking art and post. Health is something that can so easily be taken for granted. Here's to good health always!

  6. thanks, sunflowers are a sight to see, just as much when they grow solo as when they group together in a field. (just an inquiry for you, experienced jardinière? when can i reap those seeds, do you think, and how?)
    the symbolism in your painting is peaceful, i love the inevitabe cycle in it. yes, very powerful, aslo with the blue.

  7. wonderful loveable and true words and a fantastic painting. I wish you always sunflowers on your table!
    your header is great! love the drawings!
    ♥ mano

  8. Dear Renilde,
    flowers are up lifting, right! And watching the heart of a sunflower can boost the sense of self-confidence (perceive the pattern!).
    Your's are beauuutiful... that red one, wow!
    And the different stations of healthy to ill (and sometimes back) are great. Wonderful painting, that gradient in the background, that outlines of bedding, the cocoon, the red lines connection.
    Thank you very much, Dear!

    xo Ariane.

  9. I like how you express illness as being on a journey inside a cocoon- I think we all tend to get very negative when we are ill, and often it does take outside help to see us through or pull us out as the case may be- very insightful.
    And great sunflower photos!!

  10. Really true words, I like how your paint express the cycle of life and those sunflowers just make me feel so happy.


  11. beautiful renilde,
    i took one of your sunflowers,
    straight into my heart!
    xox julia