Tuesday, April 30, 2013

home, away and a horse


  1. The Blue Horse - a memory for me, of a short story I was encouraged by my father to write when I was about 13 years: a planet of blue horses.
    This could have been an illustration, dear R.
    xxoo, sus
    ps - those beautiful spring pictures are warming me in still-chilly alaska!

  2. perfecte stroll.... en mooi weer, enne inspiratie...

  3. This must be an addition to your animal alphabet collection?
    Lovely countryside photos, makes me breathe easier looking at them :)

    And I love Sus' idea of a blue horse planet- maybe you 2 should get together on that ;) (I'd go there in a heart beat)

  4. I look at your sweet horse, dear Renilde, and there are blossoms, many blossoms... like clouds of soft music. The hooves drums the beat... heartbeat.

    Lovely row of pics... soft colour gradient.

    Ariane xo

  5. the blue pony arrives in the pasture just before dusk.....we softly slide on his back, and he shows us the way to magic......

    loved the pictures, loved the blue pony.....

    Happy May Day!

  6. beautiful start to may! love the blue pony!
    :-) mano

  7. so nice
    springtime flowers and a blue horse
    i wish you a happy may
    x stefanie