Saturday, April 20, 2013

dc tiles

(please click to enlarge)

blame it on the sunshine
and fresh air or the child in me that wants to play sometimes,
i was in a playful mood indeed this week ;)

the pig patio remembered me of  an incident long ago,
i lived like a mile away from an abbatoir then ,
one day a cow got mad and escaped (poor thing)
frenzied and wild it destroyed many gardens in the neighbourhood including mine.
passing that abbatoir regurlarly made me stop eating meat.

dog at an exhibition;   we have an expression in flemish to express
'no one came', er kwam geen kat, no cat came,
...well least a dog turned up :)

time for some coffee now don't you think

to see more tiles please go to Ariane's beautiful place,

nice weekend to you all


  1. Dear Renilde,
    you did this for the d.c. ??? totally amazing, great, fantastic, beautiful!
    so many details... going into childhood...
    i love to see you play this way!
    x Stefanie

  2. your work is incredible. so much work you made . I love the black / white tile. And the best, I like the photos of this cute visitor in the gallery. That's perfect.
    greetings and have a wonderful weekend.

  3. how very fun this is!

    did you leave the garden flowers for the pig's diner? ;-]

  4. oh renilde... this is wonderful. before i scrolled all the way down i thought that maybe this was an installation in a big room! but it's a box! the dog looks like he is contemplating the paintings very deeply... : )


  5. a private, if miniature gallery!
    i don't know which i find more stunning, the very idea, its romantic execution, the quirk! sure the dog came and sat in the middle... ha haha...
    renilde, surprising!!! your boy's gonna LOVE this, non?
    ps - and a little alicy too. let's have tea!!

  6. Awwww! I don't have words for this! But you definitely made me smile!
    So cheerful and funny! I love the dog staring at the paintings! And look at the pig, that's wondering (just like me) about grass inside the building! Haha! Hope sun and fresh air won't stop! ;o)))

  7. RENILDE!!
    wat een prachtige post!!!
    op die voorlaatste foto
    zag ik pas hoe klein de kamer is
    en ja, Alice ;^)))
    ik vind echt alles
    aan deze post fijn


  8. This is so brilliant Renilde I can hardly find the words to express how I adore it. It is the most favourite thing that you have done in my opinion. The whimsy is spectacular. When my grandson was about 3 yrs. old (he is 9 now) he and I had a game we made up on the spot. We had so much fun that we just repeated the same game over and over and over for about a year. We all still talk about the game. It is called 'raging cow' and this is how it goes. The grandmother (that would be me) travels as fast as she can on her hands and knees with a plastic cow in front of her. She (the grandmother) is grasping the cow and making wild motions and screeching wildly and loudly and crazily as she can while making the cow hop ahead of her and her catching up on her hands and knees and shouting "where are those dogs? I'm going to catch them" and the child (that would be the 3 yr. old grandson) is screaming in holy terror at the top of his lungs and running (on his hands and knees and he can travel faster than grandmother) holding two twin dogs in his hands. Sometimes he is so excited that he drops one of the dogs and looks at me (the raging cow) in terror that I will actually catch him and the dogs and maybe kill one of the dogs or something. I slow up, he regains control of the twins and we rage on throughout the whole house. We are so loud that you can hear us out on the street. Finally, a taxi comes along and the dogs jump in and they race away and all is saved. The cow does not get the dogs. Afterwards we just have ice cream. The name of the game is 'RAGING COW' and when I'd come to my daughter's house he'd say "Grandma do you want to play raging cow?" Anyway, Renilde, thanks for the memories...N, x

  9. Dear Renilde,
    this is so sweet! Makes me smile! Very beautiful... this dog looking the exhibit of beautiful art... what a nice idea... your little showroom! and the implementing... soulful. Fantastic tiles!
    The last pic reminds me on Alice :)

    Thank you very much for playing!
    xo Ariane.

  10. Your playful mood is infectious, Renilde! What a delight.
    Your creativity amazes me! xxoo, sus
    ps - I have had a couple of exhibits in my life where I could have used that Flemish expression - very funny and thanks for sharing.

  11. Oh my gosh Renilde......this is so much fun! You must have been giggling while creating this!
    Can you come to my house to play? Have a great week. xo Carole

  12. I love your tiled room! The pig and dog seem to love it as well. Amazing playful creation!

  13. I am so happy to see the little dog enjoying art in the miniature tiled world. You were so busy making tiles, it appears, too. The art on the walls is inviting!

  14. what a wonderful little museum there ... and the dog looks very interested in the art on the walls :)