Wednesday, April 17, 2013

brave new world...

that's how it felt in my garden today, 
plants seem to have survived the long winter.
i've been preparing the greenhouse, sowing, fertilising and tidying up borders all day,
(much later than previous years, and still lots to be done).
seeds and plants are sprouting and i sprout with them.
the next weeks the ground will be covered more and more
by luscious green and flowers, it will look totally different,
an  ever changing appearance.
 bees and butterflies were already there,
zealous birds holding me company
in the sunshine and warm  wind from Spain.


  1. Hi, Renilde, your garden looks like starting to live
    is a good sign. flowers in the photo are promising times with new smells, new sounds, new expectations for the seeds sown.
    and your painting is wonderful,
    I think your style of painting (not the colors you use) remind me, somehow, to Bonnard. artist who is among my favorites.
    sending you a big hug! :))

  2. Spring in your garden and on your easel! xo Carole

  3. One of my favorite of all your paintings Renilde!

  4. Ah, a Princess Leia garden goddess of spring. Perfect harbinger of change, growth and things to come!

  5. i love gardening at this time of refreshing clearing out the old and making way for the new growth. love your painting too.