Thursday, November 15, 2012

november garden and the weeping forest

there is that november stillness in the garden
a bird scratching
the crunching of dried leaves
flames without fire
a soft humanlike sigh through the bushes
and that scent
oh a scent awakening all senses

(the weeping forest)


  1. A wonderful time! Unfortunately with little daylight and time to appreciate it. Lovely collage layers and texture.

  2. How full of colours your garden is, dear Renilde! Wonderful even the different forms and shapes.
    Even your painting... 'The weeping forest'. Its so exciting with the play of colours and layers, contrasts, amorphous like plants or fire, the raindrops as tears... that target, makes me being anxious about the dog/woolf... just love it!

    Love to you,
    x Ariane.

  3. What a beautiful garden and forest! so lovely

  4. so many colors in your november garden!
    I was already imagine a painting while srolling over the photos and than your weeping forest appeared... to me there is a magic and a secret and yes, I think I should become quiet and listen, that´s what it tells me.
    Thank you for your comments dear Renilde it means a lot to me, I hope you´re feeling better and maybe we will meet this weekend for the d.c.?
    Best wishes

  5. prachtig, zacht en melancholisch
    ik weet mijn thema voor
    de dc van volgende week
    nu zeker

    en fijn weekend!
    Patrice A.

  6. Beautiful artwork, and yes there is that November stillness around me too...

  7. as i was looking at all of those natural colours, i sensed an urge somewhere, an itch, to start straight away. on colours. those tones are so rich!
    your words suit the bill. and then!
    i find yoou have taken inspiration already...
    lovely, reinhilde. your painting most certainly illustrates "from source to imaginative interpretation".

  8. There is so much beauty in your life, dear Renilde.
    I cannot say which I prefer most.. the painting or the photography.....

  9. your november colors are so gorgeous renilde ... i can really see the flames without fire there :)

  10. Renilde, I love the weeping forest- and I can just feel the quiet winter mood in this piece. I can also see the influence of your beautiful garden photos, in both mood and color. Beautiful.

  11. Buitenaardse kleuren combinaties in de eerste twee foto's..schitterend!
    Excellent website.