Saturday, November 17, 2012

dc habit

habit; patterns of thinking and behaviour  that have become very obvious for ourselves but are noticed by
others or that are noticed by us from time to time , for example by pondering over 'habit' as it is this week's theme
presented to us by  Kristen,
please take a look at this talented lady's blog for more,

have a lovely weekend


  1. i like the habitual pattern you present; well, i love patterns and so here is an interesting pattern in the making!
    me thinks, yeah! ...
    ... flow and magic.

  2. Hi, Renilde, perhaps you have been a little sick? oh, sorry, I hope you're better health.
    I have not been around for a while, because one of my daughters married. but now again I'm starting to see my friends in the blog.
    hope you have a spectacular weekend! :)))))))

  3. a pattern--- yes, thoughts are like that sometimes...
    very interesting to think about our habits, isn´t it
    x Stefanie

  4. I like your thought and drawing. I have lots of bad habits/patterns of thinking and try to turn them all into good habits - and ways to some kind of mindfulness... My worst habit: believing all is in a hurry - a pattern which often is totally unnecessary!

  5. Patterns of thinking and behaviour, that's what it is! Great transfer of this topic, I did it in a more subtle way. ;-)

  6. Funny how habits and patterns are so similar- thoughts circling around us and forming who we are...or maybe it's the other way around :)
    Your pattern reminds me of art nouveau did you use a stamp??

    1. noKristen, no stamp, pencil drawing, they are all slightly different, just like we feel not exactly the same every day ;)

  7. subtle changes, trying on, searching for a fit.

    you are so clever......we are all alike, we are all different, this is life.

  8. What an interesting drawing, Renilde. I think it would be a great stitching pattern for quilting. -sus

  9. Dear Renilde,
    repetitive patterns... hm, maybe they build a habit. Ingrained in body and thought, clearly visible for others and oneself... sometimes naive.
    This kind of art nouveau of your drawing would make a beautiful endpaper for a book with your paintings and drawings.

    x Ariane.

  10. Like the movement here Renilde. It's like a floating trail of smoke, winding, curling through to lead our eye and disappearing to leave us to think. It's interesting how the visual is disappearing as well. I think maybe that habits, like us, are not permanent. Awesome piece. Hugs, Norma, x

  11. what an interesting look at our patterns! love your work! :-) mano
    ps: and your last garden post!

  12. what a cool illustration of habit.

  13. I like your "Habit" pattern Renilde... there are tinny differences on them although a repetition of the same thing at first sight. Maybe these small differences are the ones that makes not notice our habits...

    love to you