Tuesday, November 6, 2012

grow flippers when you need them

my studio table is covered with sketches and work in the making, 
but today i woke up with aching muscles, a cotton brain and rather feverish,
 i don't function, can't concentrate nor think clear enough,
i'll have to slow down the rest of the week i'm afraid

i finished 'grow flippers when you need them' yesterday

see you all next week


  1. Oh, I wish I could grow flippers! I hope your cold will be a short one, take care!

  2. i love to swim. I love water. I love fish. I love dreams, and I love stories.

    do hope your cold is soon gone. sit in the sunshine for fifteen minute, check out the blog I share for good health ideas, of course...do eat some homemade chicken soup.

    sending thoughts and prayers of healing.


  3. Renilde, take good special care of yourself and be well as the days pass until you are back to your self again. Thinking of you...!
    I like the lines in this piece. Of the oars, straight and rounded as well. Of the boat, also rounded with straight lines (perhaps the wooden boards), her long straight hair with her curvy curves, and the important flippers, with long veins of strength, joined between by thinner more moveable curvy sections. The eye keeps moving around and around and around this work. Nice!! Norma, x

  4. Oh, she is a kind of modern mermaid,
    dear Renilde. She looks really relaxed floating in the water. That huge leaves like a pillow... and somehow moving, the water.

    When arriving home from work its nearly dark. And thats the beginning... a few weeks later it will be dark. The photo of your studio table looks cosy and busy at the same time. The darkness outside intensified it.

    Maybe you take your time to slow down? To relax like your mermaid...
    Get well, Dear.


  5. Oh- I'm so sorry to hear your under the weather...would be much nicer to be under water- so enjoy your painting. :)
    Hope you feel better soon- rest is best!! big hug!

  6. Take care my dear Renilde and get better soon! Love the view of your studio and the idea of growing flippers as needed! xo Carole

  7. cuídate y si te quedan fuerzas experimenta: podrían romperse formas combinando fiebre y arte

  8. fijn werk
    zwemmen tussen de bladeren
    van de waterlelie
    doe rustig aan!
    het is een nare griep/verkoudheid

    Patrice A.

    1. Very nice painting!
      Beautiful blues and greens!
      Sorry to hear you are ill and hope you will feel better soon.

      Have a nice day and take care, Renilde****

  9. your work table and the painting look so nice.
    get well renilde ...

  10. a beautiful painting!
    take care and get well soon, dear renilde!

  11. my dear renilde, get well soon
    but please take care and your time!!
    wonderful painting!! love and extra hugs, julia

  12. My dear Renilde!
    Slow down and take care of yourself, darling!!
    The flipper painting is very beautiful in that aquamarine color!!

    Hugs and take good care!!!!

  13. A lovely work space. You painting looks so restful. Rest and good health :)

  14. i love the sight of your table in that dim, but directed light.