Saturday, July 7, 2012

Drawing challenge / Treehouse

A few weeks ago, to be exactly the 14th of June i had
been mowing the lawn.
It was a warm and sunny, but rather windy day and afterwards
i was sitting under the birches enjoying a cool drink and the
sight, as well as the scent, of freshly mown grass.
When suddenly i heard an unfamiliar sound above 
my head.

Looking up i saw a big sheet of paper falling out of a birch tree,
and ening up there, before my very eyes, was a plan of a house.
I was pretty amazed (and yes they are building a new house in a
neighboring street) and my imagination kicked off  :) 
; a house falling out of the trees, a treehouse...

During the following weeks an image came into my head and just 
when i had started to paint ' the treehouse',
sweet energetic Rachel came up with the theme of this week

so here is my treehouse 

have a lovely weekend!


  1. your sweet story kicks my imagination right off.. seriously? a plan from a tree!
    i'm amused you floaty tree house people eat melons. how divine, renilde!
    the haziness of your painting renders me lazily·summery·dreaming..

  2. a tee house, would be so cool
    love your painting

  3. what sweet serendipity. and your tree house is lovely and bright, feeling much bigger than it is.
    A place to be elegant, even.
    Love your color and mood, as always.


  4. a house in the trees
    unlike a house on earth
    rooms with a view
    above the maddening

    we all want one

    this is one of my favorites. possible dream on paper.

    excellent art.

  5. Now THAT is Serendipity Renilde
    and your painting is really dreamy and whimiscal.
    I love how the figures are floating in a glowing house-shaped orb. A beautiful example of visual poetry.

    I love the story too.... Helen :)

  6. la altura no me resulta acogedora. quizás a ti también te pasa. un casco en la casa y la mesa abajo sobre la tierra.

  7. Hi, Renilde, this week I can't do nothing for this challenge:((
    but, really, I do not quite understand how this works.????
    the idea is proposed by anyone? : (((????
    Your picture is excellent
    Have a good weeeeeeeeeeek :))))))))))

  8. Wow, could it have been "planned" more perfectly! I love this story as well as the dreamy treehouse you've created. It's nice to see the treehouse is being shared and that they have melon to eat when their chat is done.
    Lovely weekend to you too! x Carole

  9. Its a sign, dear Renilde!
    Wonderful... a plan falling from a tree... or from heaven.
    I love your treehouse scene. Its so very romantic.
    Its in the evening I suppose, setting of the sun. The contre-jour, her dress... his red head (I'm just kidding), the house like a jewel of air and truth. The seeting in the front, *sigh* the melon, the knife... oh, its really emotionally charged!


  10. What an amazing story - I agree with Ariane - its a sign - you definitely need such a treehouse. Your painting is wonderful a princess with a handy man - a modern love story in dreamful fairytale night. Love it.

  11. Such magic, Renilde, both in the story and the painting. I love that he is wearing his construction gear and she, her evening gown! Happy week to you, sus

  12. lovely story
    and beautiful tree-house
    magical and dreamy
    and what made me smile
    is that the man looks like
    a construction worker
    the builder of the glass tree-house

    I love it

  13. I would like to relax in your beautiful treehouse, I can hear the birds singing...
    :-) mano

  14. Your treehouse is breathtaking. The angles are intriguing to the eye, never mind the imagination. It's like in a parallel universe [dimension] with that magical light shining through it. I love the long draping red dress and the red hardhat. My eye jumps out of that plane to visit the reds in the garden seating and bowl...and then back on up to the treehouse. This painting nails me to the spot. Do you ever sell your paintings?
    I am in awe of it. Truly.
    Well what a magical story you have to tell us. The whole unfolding from the beginning where you are enjoying the scent of fresh mown grass and to have a house falling from a tree and then to paint an idea of it, and then to have the drawing theme be a tree house. Can you hardly believe the magic quality of all of this!! We are in an enchanted neverland here I think! AWESOME!!!
    *smiles* Norma
    p.s. Renilde, I mailed off your envelope yesterday so it is on its' way to you. Hope you like it. Ciao!! :)