Saturday, July 14, 2012

Drawing challenge/ Fingerpainting

taking advantage of the sunny and dry moments this week
i decided to have fresh air, green, fun, colour and a painting in one go
thanks for an amusing theme dear Carole,
please take a look at her blog to see  more of us using our fingers

wishing you all a peacefull weekend


  1. Your GARDEN,
    dearest Renilde! A GALA...

    And your finger painting... delicious!
    Sensual pleasures in your fingers during painting, right? Thats what I feel, when I look at your fresh, colourful painting. Masterful with that light and shadow.



  2. i did finger painting as a child, loved it.

    you see life through artist eyes, how wonderful for us all.

  3. Dear Renilde, your garden just begs for one to sit in it and breathe in life!
    Have you got the paint out from under your nails? xo Carole

  4. Renilde your picture reminds me of Pierre Bonard, a painter that I admire
    He said something like: "I do not pursue any school of painting, I seek only personal fulfillment" which I think is a statement of total freedom.
    I love your picture and your garden!
    Hugs and Kisses

  5. Renilde, another masterpiece! It must have felt great to finish a painting in one 'go.' Your result is astonishing. Brilliant. There is a technical/medical/scientific term for the people on this earth who have a sense that most of us don't and this painting looks like you might have that sense. I forget the name; but it's where the person can see something extra that the rest of us will never be able's like a vibrancy coming from the object, like an aura. So painters include this something special in their art. They usually don't even know that they have that sense. This painting looks like it in spades my dear! Awesome. *smiles* Norma

  6. Hi Renilde a very skilful finger painting I do love reminds me of impressionist and pointillist techniques.
    Seurat would have liked this work.

    I really love it a lot!

    Have a great weekend Renilde

    Helen :)

  7. i'm scrolling 'tween reality and a dream here... scrolling to and thro your images. i find this fascinating, to see them both together, they add to one another, your painting in magic mainly. i love the bluey shades, of morning, or evening, of light change anyway. and all this with your fingers...

    interesting remark too on the finishing-in-one-go bit. i think i personally favour this. only now that i am also drawing in pencil in another sketchbook, i learn to come back to a drawing, and it adds a dimension. i never knew this!

  8. your garden is a treasury of inspiration - your painting is a treasure! I can hardly believe that you paint it only with your fingers... great work, dear renilde! :-) mano

  9. Beautiful fingerpainting! What a fun looking challenge. I found you through Norma's blog, and am happy to have found you. Lovely work!

  10. A cooling fountain, Renilde, to sooth me this summery evening. Love it! -sus

  11. wow, you did a fabulous job on your finger painting. I love seeing your inspiration photo... what a beautiful garden, your painting is a peaceful retreat. :)

  12. Hi, Renilde!
    Thanks for your kind comment.
    that man, in my illustration looks very sad, right?
    at first, I had drawn a woman at the center of the maze, but then deleted it because I wanted to add more drama to the idea.
    I think I did, right? :)))))
    Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ♫ ♫ ♫

  13. you are simply a great great painter!