Monday, July 9, 2012



  1. Gorgeous set of photographs Renilde I love the b/w theme with just a wedge of colour in the second image.

    Very nice....Helen :)

  2. Hi, Renilde. Thanks for the explanation that left written in my blog. OK I get it, I think... Ha Ha :)
    I love your new blog header!
    I love your people eyeless, featureless face, or very few.
    I like the picture with the birds on the ground. reminds me of the Hitchcock movie!!!!!1
    Have a Nice an wonderful week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. the little boy with the milkbottle is so cute! but most I like the picture with the starlings on the meadow!
    thank you for your endearing comment!! :-) mano

  4. Renilde, the second image is really quite fabulous. I like you new blog banner. -sus

  5. my dear renilde, i love your b/w pictures, gives me inspiration, thats fun because you and me are so very colorful in our works! b/w is more contemplation, maybe. would like to take a closer look at your madonna! love&hugs, julia

  6. mmmm...
    black and white!
    that child with the milk-bottles is wonderful!
    as is your new header!!!


  7. thanks dear friends, as much as i love colour, i like some b/w too
    the flock of starlings landed at the meadow opposite too our house, eating and tweeting, quite a sight, and yes Roberto i had 'The birds' on my mind too :)

    a friend sent that postcard with the little boy from France
    on the back it says 'petit garçon et son pot de lait, 1949' photo: © Keystone France; i love it too

  8. Sometimes, Renilde, b/w photos are more expressing than colored pictures.
    I haven't tried yet!!
    Send you my love!!

  9. It's funny to me I see many elements of your paintings in these photos- the way you see through the lens the objects you choose. Black and white is a wonder to work with :)

    that little boy w/ the bottle is adorable!!

  10. Hello, i'm enchanted by your paintings! I wanted you to know that I pinned 2 of them on my pinterest board.

    They link back to your blog, so people will know where they came from. I also put your name on them. If this is not ok with you, just contact me (through my blog- contact link is on the right side) and let me know, and I'll take them down. I just think they're so wonderful that people should see them.


  11. My favorite is number 4, with such a beautiful play of light and shadow, open and solid, and the lovely patterns being made with their interactions. Beautiful group of photos!

  12. Replies
    1. there's something curious happening in the header, i find....