Friday, July 22, 2011

Images of the past week

I love the blue of lobelia, one packet of seeds; abundance of flowers.
Thrift shop founds: piece of fabric and a shells frame, the kitch 60' print has it's own charm , i'll leave it like it is.. for now ;)
Beautiful but dead elephant hawkmoth was lying in the garden.
.........Have a happy weekend !

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  1. Beauty flowers and beauty moth. Singular items give us great pleasure.

    Tank you for sharing.

  2. the hawkmoth is so beautiful! and all the other things, too. the fabric is very funny, the colours blend in with the lobelia!
    Happy weekend!

  3. renilde! thank you for sharing this with us. i love to wonder about in your garden. do you think i am slowly getting its pattern??? ;)))
    and, hum, purple potato heart sprouting? oh, yeah!

  4. I've been looking everywhere to buy lobelia but everywhere seems to be out of stock now! These are beautiful, such a lovely blue aren't they? That moth - is it a moth? It looks incredible! Have a lovely weekend Renilde!xx

  5. Beautiful sequence of images, all linked by colour or shape.

  6. Your header is fabulous! I think you are very very creative and I have thoroughly enjoyed visiting your blog again and viewing your wonderful photos and art.
    Thank you for your kind welcome back to my blog. I am unsure what I will do now - to blog or not to blog ;-)

  7. I love the colors of that moth. The moths I see are just an ugly brown color.

  8. Thank you all!!

    Dear Nadine one of these days i will draw an post a kind of map of the garden so you can find your way ;)