Saturday, July 30, 2011

Drawing / Theater

This week's drawing challenge is hosted by the creative Stephanie.

Have a playfull weekend !!

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  1. hi renilde, I'm speechless - it's so amazing!!!
    now I'm going to lübeck and hamburg, have a good week! mano

  2. WOW! these are wonderful I am especially in love with the stage. They remind me of 1930's-40's era for some reason...maybe colors and shadows. Well done!

  3. Dear Renilde,
    really amazing... your stage sets free a wonderful theatre-feeling. I love, LOVE the singer and the cloud with angels... oh, and all the other scenes... its fantastic!
    xo Ariane.

  4. WONDERFUL!!!! i am here for a brief peek but will come back and comment some more! it looks rich and delicious, too big for one bite!

  5. i see it more and more.. the arts'n'crafts side of your art. i am loving it. it is so whimsical and inspired...

  6. Dear Renhilde this is really very playful, witty - just wunderful, a littlebit dreamlike - esp. like the mermaid with bird on her head!

  7. wauw!

    LOVE IT!
    I wanted to do something similar
    but had no time
    and it would never ever been
    as good as yours!!

  8. hello! im back!
    i absolutely LOVE your theater!!! you really did get to it didn't you? you conjur up Calder's Circus and Jean Cocteau in my mind with a nice dose of Madeline (ludwig bemelmens)
    which i adore!
    sophisticated playtime! i want to get in there and play too!!!!
    thank you so much for this amazing creation!

  9. Oh splendid, splendid, attending The Theater Relilde was the highlight of my Sunday.

    Conversation and Chandeliers
    Full Moon Red String
    Mermaid Seagull Circus
    Boat Journey
    Leopard lines

    How fun!

  10. Wow! and more Wow!
    Beautiful work!
    What an amazing piece of real theater you've created here.
    True inspiration!!!

  11. helloooo, you got me SPEECHLESS!!!!!

    amazing, amazing woman, You.

  12. This is so great and amazing! And that little chandelier...oh happy happy!

  13. I love your theater Renilde! A magical world waiting for everything to happen! I like the changes to your header too! Much love to you, my dear.

  14. Thanks you all for such surprisingly great comments, x