Saturday, July 16, 2011

Drawing /Cloud

Well, enough clouds here the past week to get inspired by for this weeks' theme, hosted by the very talented and sweet Nadine.

I am, but where am i....
i am weightless, curling flowers and pleasantly warm.
I am somewhere else, other dimension.
I may make a fool of myself, even may be at risk,
I do not care
I am somewhere else
I am head in the clouds.
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  1. Cloud speak.

    We are all at a different place. We see different images. Our thoughts are different, we speak different words.

    We are gloriously different. We are not boring. We are as different as each cloud.

    Head in the clouds, light hearted, foggy sighted, imagination mind, story time.

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. i really love your header Renilde! its stunning.
    my head is in the clouds too! its fun up here!!!
    really nice work!

  3. renilde, love your work AND the words! big hug, julia

  4. head in the clouds
    love your work and words!!
    the clouds above
    the clouds we make bye breathing

  5. I love this painting and the poem as well :D Your garden looks amazing, so cool and green and so very orderly compared to my wild tangle :D

  6. Oh Renilde, I adore this painting, so beautiful, the very essence of the artist, hot and cold, blue and red, head in the clouds but feet firmly planted on the ground...and so wonderfully different from the others, inside and outside!

  7. Your words describe it exactly :) and the painting is beautiful!

  8. wow! i LOVE your clouds and wouldn't mind sticking my head up there and never coming back :) also love the new header

  9. Wonderful, having the head in the clouds, dear Renilde.
    I love that black/white picture with the speech-clouds! and your profiles of the faces, again! Really clever.

  10. adorable! and the speech-clouds-painting is my favorite. love!

    thank you so much for your comment!


  11. ha ha ha... i love your head in the clouds theme! but i'm also rather intrigued by your clouds talk. imagine clouds did start talking, and they would explain to us the sights from above. it might make it all a little clearer to us, no?

    probably not. who would understand cloud language anyway? ha ha ha...

  12. tu arte siempre cuenta historias. las nubes también las cuentan.
    en la primera pintura algo diferente has buscado. me gusta mucho.

  13. I love your cloud-paintings very much, especially the little cloud over the speaking world citizen (correct word for "weltbürger"??)...!

  14. Thank you, i am always pleasantly surprised by all your comments.

    Dear Nadine, you made us all look at the sky, even more than we usually do and judging from all the great posts i saw i have to say we did understand some of the cloud language, didn't we ;) xx

  15. Love your drawing and your beautiful words touched my heart...

  16. you are so creative, i love your painting style. and i love this painting :)