Friday, February 18, 2011

Lost in France

Lost in France
acryl on canvas

Finished this one, for the moment, maybe later some things will be slightly changed..

And working out some more sketches.

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  1. Heel mooi en mysterieus. Dat prachtige blauw en het maanlicht en dan plotseling wordt je oog getrokken naar het kruis....
    Je sketches zien er ook zeer veelbelovend uit. :-)
    Ik wens je een heel fijn weekend!
    Lieve groetjes, Monica

  2. Renilde - this is a beautiful piece (and I love the header too!) - I also wanted to say how happy I am that you and Monica have "found" each other! You are two of my favorite ladies in Blogland, and I have always noticed the affinities you two share in both the appearance and the underlying passion, mystery and spiritual power of your works! Be well, my dear.

  3. It is beautiful!
    Wishing you a happy weekend!

  4. dear renilde, seems that you are in a real good work- flow!!
    its beautiful, love the atmosphere. big kiss, julia

  5. me fascina la gran cantidad de símbolos que aportas en tus pinturas

  6. Hi Renilde... It is beautiful. What is that white animal, it looks somewhat magic... and has rabbit ears... I like your new header, it has spring colours!

  7. Bedankt Monica voor je lieve reacties, het kruis is eigenlijk een wegwijzer, zo een ouderwetse hoge zoals je op de Franse kleine weggetjes nog wel tegenkomt, x.
    Thank you Gabriella dear, you kind of brought us in each others sight :)x
    Dear Nina thank you.
    Yes Julia, I'm in a flowing phase and I enjoy it,X.
    Dear Camino,the symbols keep appearing in my work and are not always intended and often what I4ve painted begins to make sense to me only when it's finished.
    Yes Olga it's a(my interpretation) rabbit, a white rabbit, alert but not afraid and confident. X

  8. beautiful work, renilde :)
    And you changed your header again - very nice!

  9. this is a beautiful composition, loving every detail and inkling...
    wow, zenne, renilde.

  10. full of mystery:) gorgeous pic!
    reminds me of a time many years ago when we were hitching through france, and found oursleves on a country road at night not quite sure where exactly we were.. but happy and eating mange tout from the roadside fields :-)