Wednesday, February 23, 2011

In between

The end of February, not really winter anymore, not spring yet.
Just something in between.
No man's land.
No one rules here.

The lack of sunlight , the need of sunlight.
Wonderful photos of sunrise in the Aude (France) sent to me by my dear friend living there.
I gaze at them, I enter these warms, it helps.

And a bright pink primula waits with me on the dividing line, a glimpse , looking ahead in time.

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  1. Splendid visit today, variety - the spice of life.


  2. As spring approaches you autumn is knocking on the door here. Enjoy the lengthening of the daylight hours, it is a wonderful time of the year when Nature picks up her pretty skirts and flirts for all to see.

  3. Dear Renilde, I know exactly how you feel here in the borderlands between winter and spring! It reminds me of so many experiences when something is ending but it is not completely left behind just yet, and something new is due to begin, but more time needs to pass before it can actually happen! Such a hopeful yet melancholy time!

  4. i´m loving the pinks! so ready to say goodbye to the blues! :)
    hang in there! soon we´ll be surrounded by color. :)

  5. mhm... very atmospheric. longing, longing!

  6. Such a beautiful post..fabulous photos....eye candy!!