Thursday, February 3, 2011

Garden pearls

Snowdrops come peeping through

The luscious leaves of Arum italium (italiaanse aronskelk/italian lords and ladies)

Trio on Mahonia aquifolium

Helleborus niger

Milder temperatures lured me outside today.
Beneath the warm safety of the rotting leaves a new world is slowly wakening.
It felt good ; fresh air, shades of green, patterns and forms...busy ladybirds.
Working in the garden doesn't really feels like 'working' , it is something else.
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  1. Renilde, this makes me hungry for spring! By the way, I like the new header images for the blog!

  2. We've been having warmer weather too. I just love seeing bulbs starting to come up.

    Also, love the warm tones in your new banner. Very pretty.

  3. Oh, looks like spring is just around your corner :)

  4. Isn't it wonderful to see the new growth starting? I'm envious of your gorgeous bulbs coming up! have a lovely weekend. :) xx

  5. ge zit er echt op te wachten, hein, die lente?

  6. I know to putter in your garden is a particular good beginning for spring. For me, to touch the earth and dabble in planting and pruning, stirs all my creative juices. The elementals move me!

    Thanks for sharing the lovely photos and thoughts!


  7. dear renilde, your garden looks so mystic, like from a fairytale.
    our garden is still asleep... xox julia

  8. I know it's still winter but there are quiet signs and a different smell, very subtile.
    JAAAAA ik wacht en er is een zoet genot in dat wachten.
    Thanks for visiting and commenting xx