Monday, December 20, 2010

The taste of a flying shake

Since 5 to 6 weeks now, I've been painting on canvas in acryl again. (I did some pieces in the past but not a lot) After working on paper for most of the time I needed to get used to this medium again. The plan is to keep on making paintings on canvas and to get to know the possibilities of acryl. Experimenting, figuring out,'s fun, sometimes time-consuming but I learn things. Sometimes I like what I see, sometimes I have to start over again and ..again.
Above you can see how I scribble down an idea of an image in my head, just a scribble and a few words in this case.
I've been working on 5 pieces and here is one of them.
It's rather small, 25 x30 cm, I liked to see what effect could be created on a small size canvas.

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  1. Your work is fluid of mind and spirit. Beautiful!

    Thank you for sharing!


  2. I like this one, R - man and woman, opposite, yet connected by an image of sweetness and flight! Lovely...

  3. Oh how sweet with such an innocence :D

  4. Isn't it exciting to try out new things? I find it very inspiring to watch how you develop your ideas.
    Happy Holidays!!:)

  5. Hi is fabulous!!How mystical and romantic! You are magnificent! I love the cosmic feel and the colors..and the sense of movement and flow..gorgeous!
    Thanks for your lovely visit !

  6. very interesting ... and the results looks very nice :)