Tuesday, December 14, 2010




Organizing and cleaning out a cupboard I came across work I had forgotten about.
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  1. Fabulous pieces of art, I love watercolours.

  2. Now I do love the mermaid with coat and gloves! Braving the storm, nakedness covered against the storm and cold.


  3. I'm so glad you were inspired to do some cupboard-cleaning! These are different from what I have seen of you here on the blog the past few months, but somehow fit right in with what I would recognize as your unique style. I suppose the ones I've seen here have calm surfaces with much movement and meaning implied and stirring wildly behind the scenes, while these actually put the tempest right up front! When were they done, if I may ask?

  4. what a gorgeous painting. Love that mermaid/sailor :)

  5. ik vind ze zalig. ben wel wat zee-minded, sowieso, maar ik hou erg van die eerste... érg vol, daardoor zo sprekend....

  6. Thank you dear friends.

    Dear Gabriella, the gouache was made in 2006, the watercolour a bit earlier. I have been making mainly watercolours 'till 2003-2004. They have a more fairy-tale feel (see my 'lots of images' post)Then stronger and different feelings and emotions asked for a different material,I started to use gouache. Stronger lines and colors. There are also works were I used watercolour in a bolder different way but I suppose that was not exactly what I wanted.
    Part of this went very naturally and intuitive.
    'Stormy' is about transition, about new insights,shedding old skins what can be litarelly and figuratively stormy.x

    Dank je Nadine, ik hou ook van de zee,(zie ze veel te weinig) ik hou eigenlijk van water in het algemeen :)x

  7. Wow Renilde, these are such amazing pictures. I love the drama in them and how the same subject looks so different in the different mediums. Love your work :D

  8. Really interesting paintings. Love the transforming fish/sailors.

  9. Thanks Yarrow, its true, maybe I once have to paint an acryl on canvas version :)

    Thank you Jacilyn