Thursday, December 2, 2010

More and more

Had to go outside this morning.
Had to see and feel and smell all this whiteness.
More snow and more.
I took photos. Cold nose, cold fingers, -7°.
But I could go inside a warm house,have a warm coffee.
My thought went to the refugees,the homeless.
Especially the children, what does it do to you when you have no warm home?
Belgium, 2010, it's impossible that there can't be found a warm,safe place to get them through winter.
Just can't be!
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  1. Beautiful images!
    I do think in similar ways, that it can´t be possible that there isn´t houses/ apartments enough so that nobody is without a home. I cannot imagine how terifying it is to have no home, especually children.
    I am very upset and worried about refugees stranded in Greece, especialy in Athens. I saw a newsreport, children that had been sexually abused on the street, they face violence, both threatening and physical vuolence, their parents are taken away by the police, the children left alone in the street to take care of themselves. Apparently the situation has become so intense that even the refugees, according to nationality and background, fight each other.

    Sending you warm thoughts.

  2. Beautiful winter display. Brave soul to venture out. Warm coffee and snug place of retreat.

    The homeless are everywhere. For all the talk and all we in the USA do to help other countries, our homeless, are still homeless.

    Thank you for the picture and your thoughts. was in the 40's here last night. We do not have snow for winter. :)

  3. i know what you mean.
    here's a luxury problem that got me thinking this very morning.
    i waited in an ice cold house for absolute hours before the carpenter arrived. as i was cooling down and really started glueing to the concrete from absolute cold, i was thinking i shouldn't really be fussy, because i can go somewhere where it's hot, as opposed to so many others who simply can not.
    i don't like my luxury at moments like that.

  4. Oh your world is so beautiful ...knowing that you can go inside where it is warm, where you can have a hot drink.
    How very different if this isn't possible. too sad to think of all those who are homeless!
    Love you photos.

  5. Such beautiful winter photos, but such sad thoughts to go with them. I too think of the homeless when it is so cold.

  6. Thanks so much for your warm thoughts and comments, I know many of us do care and although we can't do much, as long as we are not indifferent, changes are possible.XXXXX to all of you.