Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sometimes whispering, sometimes very loudly

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  1. Another beautiful one. As we say in Turkish 'health to your hands' so you will keep painting..

  2. i especially like the contents of the bubble!

  3. very nice ... and very summer like :)

  4. A really lovely design! Great colours too.:) xx

  5. I tried to find a definition of Geplaatst Door. No luck, what did come up on Google was in dutch. :)

    Is this the earth, the lizard, the woman and the couple? Is the woman's bubble food or water? Is it coexistence on the planet? We breathe the same air, drink the same water, walk the same earth and share the same food?Just a few of my thought.

    Love your art, as you know, it makes me think!

    Beautiful! :)

  6. Thanks to each one of you.
    Dear Aysegul,' health to your hands', that's just lovely, thank you.
    Sweet Nadine, the contents of the bubble suggests future dreams:)
    Dear wild magnolia,' geplaatst door' translates as' posted by'.
    Indeed this painting is about coexsistence, the title' sometimes whisphering, sometimes very loud', refers to the past permeates the present and dreams. And how it all forms a unity.And what you see is all there and part of that.
    A visiting friend told me of northern american indians called the Sierra Miwok. Their creation story tells of a coyote and a lizard that quarreled about creating human beings with or without hands. They really fought about it and ,lucky us, the lizard did win.
    My friend saw this story in my painting.

  7. a story of creation..i love this! your artwork does have a shamanic feel to it.. it sings to the soul. beautiful..