Friday, November 12, 2010

Shaking the wishing-tree

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  1. "Shaking the Wishing tree." I love the title and the painting. The man with half a face, maybe she isn't sure what she wants, or isn't she sure of him.

    Your art is to reactive and mysterious for me. I love it!

    Thanks always, for visiting me.!


  2. Renilde, there is so much here I don't know where to begin! Your work always reveals as much as it conceals, making you want to look again and again, and see something new each time! The apples in the basket (sign of harvest?), the delicate fan (or shell?) motif in the woman's garment, how she is covered and he is bare, and yet his face is divided and we can't know his intentions - and those shadowy figures in the back processing,from where? to where? I also like that the title is about action happening in the background - not the figures in the foreground, but is perhaps on their behalf? Lovely, rich work.

  3. Lovely to meet you! This piece is gorgeous and powerful and wonderfully the energy and colors..symbolic style and your artistic is just beautiful!

  4. Dear Wild magnolia, dear Gabriella, thanks so much for your comments, it's nice to read what you sense and see in my work.
    And what you see and feel is what it is about. There may be more...
    When I am painting I don't begin with a clear picture in my mind, there is something,a thought,a sketch, a feeling...
    The difference and attraction between man and woman is often a subject,love in all its forms(and there are so many) the magic,the doubt,it are inspiring feelings to me.

    Thank you Jessie,when I see your 'logo',I think of 'happy' colors.

    Hello Victoria,welcome ,very kind comment,thanks.

  5. hi renilde, this is has a calm patient feel to it and a sense of much longing at the same time. i love the title 'shaking the wishing tree' may their wishes (and yours) be fulfilled.

    thanks for your visit and warm words on the tree post recently.. xx

  6. I like this...I wish you the best!