Wednesday, November 17, 2010

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  1. Sheep that can fly, our dreams, dreams can be harnessed. We must hold onto our dreams.

    The jester reminds me to dress up and eat the good fruits of life. The crows visit and share the good fruits! Crows are intelligent and realize they bring joy when they visit.

    Love your art!!!

  2. These older works are different from your current creations, and yet they still have that dreamlike storytelling quality. Thanks for showing them. It's not so bad to have many things going on at once - a little bit of progress every day!

  3. So much imagination! Nice to see how your work has developed. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Thank you Sandra, and sure one must keep dreaming,and dreams can come true...

    Yes Gabriella, I suppose the journey of an artist is one of seeking and trying to find the best possible images to express him or herself. Growing and evolving, as a human being, can bring a need to search different possibilities to do so.
    Thanks for your comment x

    Thank you Patricia,if I imagine a life without imagination I'm so glad I got it,;).

  5. very nice and interesting...bautiful ideas...
    greetings from Czech:)

  6. Now the bubbles one and the jar on the satyr's head are just wonderful

  7. Hello Pea, welcome to my blog.
    Thanks Andrew.

  8. ook een beetje alice in wonderland, dit alles.