Saturday, April 27, 2013

dc dance

dance, dans, Tanze, danse, danza
i like that word 
the sound of it
the joy in it
i like to dance 
i love to watch people dance
bodies in motion can  literally take my breath away
the beauty, the energy, the language,

 modern dance especially,
i forget everything looking at those dancers
mesmerizing sensation and feeling at home at the same time,

Anna Teresa De Keersmaeker ( i've always been a great admirer of this lady)
Akram Khan ("to know is nothing at imagine is everything") :)
Koen De Preter (please watch this)

i've been humming Leonardo Cohen's song all week"Dance Me To The End Of Love"

Dance me to your beauty with a burning violin
Dance me through the panic 'til I'm gathered safely in
Lift me like an olive branch and be my homeward dove
Dance me to the end of love
Dance me to the end of love
Oh let me see your beauty when the witnesses are gone
Let me feel you moving like they do in Babylon
Show me slowly what I only know the limits of
Dance me to the end of love
Dance me to the end of love 

So the talented Patrice invited us to dance
on this 100th dc, please take a look at our dance party.

(dear friends, i'll visit you all in the course of the following week,
lack of time played tricks on me the past week
but you are in my thoughts somewhere... and that feels good)

have a lovely weekend


  1. truly Wonderful

  2. I love to watch modern dance too.
    And you have captured it here :)

  3. What a beautiful painting. You paint figures so beautifully, and I love how you have brought the arms into the top and bottom. Beautifully done, and I hope this week brings you the time you need.

  4. Dance as a window to the soul. . .

    "Dance me through the panic til I'm safely gathered in" seems very apropos for this week. Thank you for a lovely, calming, sensuous painting. C.

  5. Renilde, you've led me in this dance to unknown artists. I thank you.
    Wonderful, delicate painting. Here's to a week of calm for you. xo

  6. Lovely painting Renilde! Have a great weekend- maybe dancing?

  7. Hello Renilde..your artwork is entrancing..and deeply moving..I feel transported...awake..alive....and transformed within!! You are a true artist..nothing more I could say! Many Thankyous for the beautiful links ...I have so enjoyed the dancing..patterns..the commentary..amazing!! Thankyou! When I was a little girl I always secretly wanted to be a dancer..I never pursued still stays in my heart! thanks for the magic you have shared in your beautiful is outstanding and deeply moving!

  8. dance me to your beauty with a burning violin........beautiful lyrics and beautiful painting Renilde!
    Im so glad to be back Ive missed you all and missed your wonderful art.

    Helen x

  9. oh wow... those links you added, renilde... bring back memories of atdk and this meeting between old and younger... i am so touched.
    your painting is very powerful, i like the window, and the light. and the lightness of your intention. it is a dance.

  10. me ha encantado lo de Koen De Preter

  11. These lyrics certainly fit your drawing perfectly. It's so full of emotion, so touching and moving, which is the essence of dancing, I would say. Thanks, too, for your links, especially Koen De Preter and Alpha Pouget kept my attention! So fascinating!

  12. lovely soft painting and great lyrics. thank you

  13. dear Renilde,
    this post of you went straight to my heart
    like you i love dance, especially modern ballet
    and the pieces you show....
    Koen de Preter, so touching
    (his words: through dance to show life beautiful and true)
    and than Leonardo Cohen
    the lyrics, his voice

    your painting which touches me too
    the two arms embracing, protecting?
    the dancer and her shadow
    is it a dream?
    all those emotions
    and today was not a good day
    so tears come easy

    sweet you
    thank you for playing and dancing!

    Patrice A.

  14. such a touching painting Renilde! It feels so caring and filled with grace and compassion! Just what I needed today

  15. Grace, beauty and light - like a dream dancing - wonderful colors.
    xo Barbara

  16. I love these dancers being uplifted by beautiful arms of love. Happy week, dear Renilde! -sus

  17. Ooh I love the two dancers in de middle, especially with the hands on the hips;-) wonderful!

  18. fantastic!
    "een geschenk van de hemel!"
    :-) mano

  19. my dear renilde,
    i followed every link and love them all,
    new them before.
    and your protecting/love/dance painting is
    so so wonderful
    and tender!
    love, julia

  20. Brilliant! I could practically hear the words of Leonard Cohen (one of my favorites) while looking at the painting.


  21. The body... the quality of your post here... it change my posture, my breathing while I look at your wonderful dancers, dear Renilde. Thank you... it makes me feeling more complete.
    Your painting... that light and shadow (of the window, great!), this feeling... sense... of your dancers, wow, really wonderful. Love it. Leonards words are completing it.

    xo Ariane.