Friday, April 5, 2013

cherry tree phantom

wishing you all a relaxing weekend


  1. Thanks Renilde, the same for you, I'm enjoying your art :))

  2. me gusta el contraste del árbol con las siluetas negras.
    no sólo el contraste, me gusta la composición que hacen entre ellas y cómo están realizadas.

  3. Dear Renilde,
    your collage here captivates me... is the cherry tree phantom a delusion or something that has been at that place... in your garden?... and is now gone?
    The layers could show different times.
    The couple reminds me on something of a courtship dance...
    and on Fred Donaldson who find the 'Original Play'... "Little children are playing for the same reason water is flowing and birds are flying. To play is in the nature."
    and georgeous has been my walk through your garden... delicious photos, Dear. Love the Helleborus niger... and and and... I stay tuned for the springtime :)
    Love your hen with eggs inside!

    Happy weekend to you and your lovelies
    xo Ariane.

  4. oh Ariane, your such an attentive viewer and feeler, here is the story behind the collage;
    the cherry tree used to grow in a neighboring garden bordering on the bottom of ours. It was a huge, old cherry tree that blossomed breathtakingly and presented us with juicy,big,almost black cherries later. Its big branches reached far over our garden, touching the ground, pure beauty and delight.
    The garden belonged to an elderly couple,two winters ago, one morning the tree was cut down...i felt so very sad, the house was put up for sale and the couple moved to a retirement home.I never had much contact with them, but sometimes i could see them working in their garden through the foliage of the cherry tree, we had a brief chat about our gardens or i offered them some tomatoes.

    Last summer on a warm summer evening i saw them sitting close to each other on their terrace (which i could see now the cherry tree was gone), their daughter told me a few days later they wanted to come back, they couldn't settle down at the retirement home.

    I was touched by this,
    were they remembering their young days,days they played and laughed under the cherry tree, did they feed eachother the sweet fruit,did they miss the tree as much as i do, did they miss...

    Last winter they moved again, the house is back up for sale.

  5. What a tale, Renilde. Touched me deeply as I am watching and helping my elderly parents make decisions about moving - your collage holds such powerful poignancy with loving delicacy.
    have a very sweet week end Dear one.

  6. cherry tree phantom.
    i'm sure i don't understand, but pay no mind.
    i've blossoms around the head though... ;))

    despite the labour aspect of this weekend... sun helped a good deal. warm! behind the windows... good weekend! hope for you too!
    also inviting you to next week's dc. :)))

  7. wow Renilde the story about that wonderful tree and the old couple is nearly heartbreaking and yet captivating and your collage with all this layers illustrates that perfectly.
    At my old home they cut down a lot of old hugh cherry trees and I felt so desperatly grieve about it, thought about all the birds who lost their homes, their food and their branches to sit on and sing - it was terrible. Do those trees know that we miss them I wonder?
    Have a nice sunday evening, Barbara