Saturday, April 13, 2013

dc beauty

beauty 'silences' me
like if i fade out, vanish and become just sensation
it imbues me, fulfills me, fills me
with a feeling of wonder,lightness, happiness and pleasure,
melancholy sometimes or longing
it touches every fiber
it comes in the form of an image, something i see
it can be a sound , something i hear
even a scent or a flavour
and also a touch
or a thought

a rose bush coming just into bloom
the look in someone's eyes, the color of an iris
or the print of a summer dress
a voice singing in the distance 
the sound of a particular word,
 or rain against the window when lying in a warm bed
honeysuckle on a warm evening
fresh sheets,a lover's skin,
warm goat's cheese and herb salade with a glass of chablis
cool water from a little mountain stream
a kiss on my forehead,
that  sticky, tiny hand in mine,
a warm embrace,
things coming out of the memory box in my head

sweet Nadine presented us with a marvelous opportunity
to wonder about beauty,
beauty is all around us
it's a matter of being open to it

for more beauty please visit Nadine's wonderful Tiny woolf place
and enjoy



  1. ooh I love what you wrote about beauty and then see your painting again. it makes so much sence then, I love it!

  2. Renilde, I agree with everything you said here. each of the words I read here came to my heart, I felt that they were mine. and I enjoyed seeing your picture!
    Good weekend, beautiful as the sun

  3. We will always seek beauty, in the many faces she assumes. Such an intriguing concept to contemplate on. Thank you for sharing your lovely work.

  4. To see life through an artist's eyes is to behold beauty. Beauty leaps off your brushes, Renilde.
    Thank you. xo Carole

  5. Such beautiful words to match your beautiful images. A lovely post.

  6. you have summed it all up in your poetry and the image that goes with it. i think i may ask you permission to hang your poem up on my studio wall board, when that board goes up. the words so remind me of who you are, and what you stand for, and it will always remind me of the importance of looking up, and down, and inside.
    thxs so much for playing, renilde.

  7. Very nice work of art!
    And great words too!
    Thanks for sharing.

    Have a nice Sunday Renilde****

  8. la belleza sabe que uno encuentra lo que es capaz de encontrar dentro de sí mismo

  9. I love the connection between who your are on the inside and what you see or maybe project into the environment- beauty is out there waiting to be highlighted :)

  10. this one makes me silence
    beautiful painting
    all is floating
    and sparkling
    and your words
    like a poem
    i have been reading it
    again and again

    thank you!
    Patrice A.

  11. Lovely work, paintings and poetry all. :) xx

  12. Your beauty is not just visual but a sensory treat. Wonderful! Cindi

  13. both artwork and words, your words, beautiful

  14. Oh yes so much beauty all around - to sit in silence and absorb. What pleasure. Thanks for sharing your beauty filled post this week.

  15. So true, beauty is a must, a need, something that nurses us...
    Is it beauty that comes across our way? Or is it our mind that pours beauty over people, things or situations? No matter which way it's round, I think beauty is lost without any beholder. It needs someone who defines it as beautiful. And this is what your painting is about: the indispensable connection between beauty and the beholder.

  16. 'that sticky tiny hand in mine'...
    yes, beauty
    thanks for these beautiful images Renilde.
    the painting is fascinating, by the way.

  17. Dear renilde you're such a poetic soul and what you're writing and painting is pure beauty.

  18. beautiful work!
    and I love your words, too, make me thinking about beauty once more.
    x Stefanie

  19. Beautiful, dear Renilde!
    Look, the beauty inside mirrors the beauty outside and vice versa... Great painting. You are a beautiful person, Dear.

    The warm goat's cheese provokes my appetite... with a blob of jam from wald berries... Excellent :)

    May I invite you to the next dc, please?... I am the host and coming up with the theme TILES.

    xo Ariane.

  20. beautiful art and musings lovely lady.


  21. Your post is a poem Renilde! A beauty of a poem. Again, I learn that I am not alone to feel that beauty is feeling. Your ability to create beauty is a gift to us all. Thank you for that, art friend! N, xo