Monday, January 26, 2015

I look I see

constantly inspired by the things that catch my eye, make me look just that
little longer, images that touch me, surprise me, make me wonder and ponder.
images and thoughts, moods,that will melt together and become something else, become a dream or a daydream or drawing, gouache, painting or get lost and forgotten.

thanks for your comments, it's a pleasure to visit your 'places' again.
wishing you a fine week


  1. Dear Renilde,
    I see the small world in a bigger one and vice versa, when I look at your beautiful images, paintings and photos. It is always a pleasure.Thank you, Dear!

    Love xo Ariane

    1. so glad to hear from you Ariane, you have been on my mind, hope you are fine dear x

  2. and I enjoy that you are back again!! I love your pictures and paintings so much. this time I am fascinated by the little heads from the first picture! and the sheeps are so lovely!
    :-) mano

  3. yes, what àre those tiny heads, are they retro, or new? how do you 'use' them? very intrigued. n♥

    1. the tiny heads are finger puppets heads, unglazed porcelain (biscuit) and yes they do have some age, they were made somewhere around 1920.